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    On the basis of the previous research result,a structure N=a~⊥of minimal prime subgroups for some spe- cial classes of l-groups is establisned in this artcle.
    The Calculating Method and Applying Study of a Structure's Dynamic Property
    2,Design a structure makes the liner output higher to 160mV with a liner input about 150 in bridge of spin-valve GMR.
    This paper deals with a structure mode of computer dam safety monitoring system, i. e. computer dam monitoring (CDM) intelligent workstation.
    FEN 1 is a structure specific endo/exonuclease, which is involved in the process of both DNA duplication and DNA repair.
    FEN1 是一种结构特异性核酸酶, 它在DNA 复制和修复过程中都起着重要的作用。
    The model free controller is a structure adaptive controller, which is a product of the approach of modeling and control unity and the concepts of PID and linear frame.
    指出无模型控制器是一种结构自适应控制器 ,它是“建模与控制一体化” ,冲破P、I、D和线性框架的束缚的产物
    In the paper,depending on τ - torsion radical Tτ(M) of M which is the minimum τ-pure submodule we give a structure of Tτ(M);
    The paper presents CMOS MOCCII (second generation current conveyor with multiple outputs) circuit with a simple structure and high accuracy as well as a multiple - function nth order current mode filter circuit with a structure of IFLF(inverse follow leader feedback) based on MOCCII.
    提出了一种结构简单、传输精度高的CMOS MOCCII(second generation current conveyor with multiple outputs,多端输出的第二代电流传输器)电路及基于MOCCII的具有IFLF(inverse follow leader feedback,反向跟随领先节反馈)结构的多功能n阶电流模式滤波器电路.
    This paper introduces the structure functions and gives a structure method for Cliffordian semigroup by using the structure functions and semilattices.
    引进Clifford半群的结构函数 ,用结构函数及半格给出了Clifford半群的一种结构方法 .
    Agile Manufacturing is a structure combined by three resources: technology, management and personnel,which offers a new angle to analyze the trend of OEM in information communication technology.
    Firstly,the process model of synchronous structure and tolerance design and the corresponding tolerance representation model were constructed based on a structure growth design methodology.
    On a structure of BCI-algebras
    A Structure of Minimal Prime Subgroups of an l-Group
    3 As a structure promoter, ZnO in the catalyst could efficiently improve the dispersion of silver on the support and block the sintering of silver crystallite during the reaction process.
    3 ZnO作为一种结构助剂能高度分散活性组分银,有效抑制反应过程中银粒子的烧结,其结果大大提高了催化剂的稳定性。
    Based on the comprehensive study of modern Chinese appositive structure and incorporated with investigation to the linguistic fact of ancient Chinese, modern English and modern Russian, two conclusion are draw as the following: (1) Apposition is a structure which lies between subordination and coordination, the relationship between its components are not only subordinate, but also coordinate.
    本文通过对现代汉语同位结构全面的探讨,并结合对古代汉语以及英语、俄语的语言事实的考察,得出的基本结论有两点,归结如下: (1)同位结构是介于定中结构和并列结构之间的一种结构,内部构成成分之间既有一定的修饰性又有一定的并立性。
    Considering the dying of social public sphere, the study reviews the dying process of modern Chinese public sphere, especially in the year 1949 to 1956. Under this background, the study on Chinese public sphere is not in the problem of existence, but goes into the detailed review over the positive study that what public sphere, as a structure, loses, how it loses, and under what circumstances it loses in such a dramatic changing society.
    The driving force building the contemporary US-East Asia Relations consists of three streams, which are combined internally logically to be a structure rather than being simply aggregated.
    For leading temperature-crack of dam concrete to split in the reserved positions, induced-crack was used in many large water-power engineering as a structure measure and gained well-known effectiveness in releasing stress.


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