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    Investigations on college gymnastics teachers' teaching ability and knowledge structure in gymnastics and health lesson
    In order to show mechanism to improve ability and knowledge to solve complex problems under the environment of ABDIDSS, research on cooperation and reasoning among multi-agents has important theory meanings.
    Students can not only obtain the knowledge of their special field of study but also acquire more research ability and knowledge application ability by learning through that system.
    Results There were significant differences in working interest, asepsis operating ability and knowledge (P<0.01) between control group and observation group.
    Typesetting quality of agricultural sci-tech periodicals is mainly determined by thought quality,professional work ability and knowledge structure of the typesetting staff.
    Persisting improving of automobile corporation core ability and knowledge engineerilized programming and management
    But, for lack of ability and knowledge, there must be a long way to really accomplishthe goal mentioned above.
    Party leaders of three different eras all paid great attention to important roles of the science and technology and the meaning of science and technology innovation, which are commonly reflected in the three aspects below: taking science and technology innovation as the way to strengthen the country, respecting persons with ability and knowledge, and introducing in foreign countries' advanced technologies.
    Core competence, which has continuity, is the knot of a series of technical ability and knowledge within enterprises.
    The new era has put forward higher requirements on the coaches' quality, ability and knowledge for them to meet the new challenges.
    "The writer does not respond to the reader. Rather, the book divides the act of writing and the act of reading into two sides, between which there is no communication. The reader is absent for the act of writing; the writer is absent for the act of reading. ( 2001:398)" In such a situation, it is entirely up to the translator to activate all his ability and knowledge to interpret and finally attain comprehension of the text.
    译者在阅读时“得不到作者的回应。相反,书本会将写作和阅读两种行为分离开来,使其缺乏交流。读者不会参与写作,作者也不在阅读行为中。” (刘宓庆2001:398)在这种情况下,一切全靠译者运用已有的知识技能,透过解读获得理解。
    Through the simulated testing, we find out the similarities and differences in these two educational systems, analyze the related factors, compare the characteristics of medical licensing examinations in China and Japan, and evaluate the medical ability and knowledge of students. We provide valuable reference to improve the system of medical examination and reform the model of medical education.
    However, owing to penman' s deficient ability and knowledge, design time urgent and limited resource devotion, the salary design exist some shortage, such as salary survey not enough thorough, salary system has some singularity, etc.
    At first, generalized the conception of the teaching ability and the physical education teaching ability, then definitely analyze the relations of ability and knowledge in physical education、 exercise skill and so on, expound formed rule and process of physical educational ability, more systemically analyze the formed factors in physical educational ability in theory, which was used for theoretical basis in this paper.
    This system adopt belief measure theory to collecting expert’s knowledge、blend reasoning control tactic and deep priority search tactic to express full diagnosis structure arrangement, cause and effect relationship fairly, which improve knowledge express ability and knowledge’s strictness.
    So in this article I use a kind of classical analytical method, the essential attribute organized from firm --This productive angle sets out to explain the firm organization evolution, and define firm as a productive organization based on resource, ability and knowledge.
    Many teachers' ability and knowledge of sex education not enough to teach their students.
    This article analyzed the learning narration's function in promoting the university student's thinking quality 、 enhancing their cognition strategy ability and knowledge management, and how the learning narration helps the exchange between teacher and students and assist teacher's process evaluation which facilitate teacher's helping their students deepen their cognition and enhancing their cognition strategy ability.
    One of the primary aims of schooling is training the students to resolve subject problems and subject-concerned living practical problems, by which the students can acquire current ability and knowledge of problem solving.
    通过研究学生问题解决的影响因素,提出提高学生问题解决能力的教学策略具有重要意义。 许多心理学家主张把一般问题解决理论同具体学科相结合,研究具有学科特征的问题解决。
    In the development of western regions, the mode of mainly developing natural resources should be converted into developing human and knowledge resources. During developing knowledge resources, the development of the education industry, information industry and technological industry should be driven by increasing the knowledge absorption ability, knowledge interflow ability and knowledge innovation ability to promote the leap-type development of the western regions.
    在西部大开发中要从主要开发自然资源转向开发人力资源和知识资源 ,在开发知识资源中通过提高知识吸收能力、知识交流能力和知识创新能力 ,带动教育产业、信息产业和科技产业的发展 ,促进西部地区经济的跨越式发展


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