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    Study on Relationship between Trust and Account Sale of Products
    Managementand dominationof account receivable evokedby account sale
    Account Sale and Credit Management of Enterprises
    A credit decision model was established to measure the benefits after removing credit risk costs,and it got the combination ranges for credit variables,i. e. account sale X and credit time Y.
    文章建立了一个信用决策定量模型 ,衡量企业扣除信用风险成本后的收益 ,从而得出信用决策变量 (赊销信用额度 x与信用期 y)的组合范围 ,企业可以以此范围值的界限为依据 ,进行科学化、定量化与模型化的信用风险管理决策
    The Research of an Account Sale Venture Controlling in Electronic Part of an Apparatus Selling
    Research on Credit Risk of Clients of Account Sale via Fuzzy Clustering
    Since the high price of engineering machinery, the working period by stages of engineering and the installment terms of payment, the most representative selling way of engineering machinery is account sale.
    This selling method has successfully solved the high receivables rate and account sale problem.
    Credit sale (such as account sale).
    In this paper, I through a detailed analyses, use major part to introduce the assess model of customer’s account sale value made by Mr LiuChengHong, and use the model to research assess of account sale value and credit limit.
    At afterwards stage, we should emphasize on enhancing monitoring. In allusion to risk of control and management of account sale, this article brings forward total management.
    the frame of corporate credit system will be set up with largest account sale as the goal,account receivable management as the core,professional department of credit management as the main body. Every step will be brought into effect successfully by setting down credit policy and adopting scientific and advanced technic and technology.
    即为了实现我国企业信用管理财务效果的优化,必须建立起以最大赊销为目标,以应收帐款管理为核心,以专业的信用管理部门为实施机构的企业信用管理框架,通过制定信用政策并采用科学、先进的方法与技术来保证企业信用管理程序中各环节的顺利实施。 在这样一个整体框架中,最关键的环节即应收帐款管理。
    International Factoring is a new way to provide all-around services to the internationaltrade, it is also a comprehensive financial service which provides the account sale with aseries of trade service on credit management, accounts receivable collection, credit risk andtrade finance guarantees .
    Credit risk management is subject concerning a large amount of fields, and with limitation of my capability and the length of this paper, I specialize in the control before enterprises’account sale which includes information investigations of the customers and their classification and how to ascertain the amount of account sale.
    Through analysis of credit cost curve model, we can get the best account sale account of an enterprise, and according to combination optimization method we can learn the weight of account sale. Thus it can provide us the method to calculate the account sale limit of every customer on condition that the risk the enterprise faces is the lowest.
    With this model, the enterprise can determine the optimal amount of account sale in a certain period.
    Through the analysis of the factors affecting the profit model of the account sale of products, the relationship between trust and the action of account sale of products is presented in the paper. It is considered that, under the condition that the payment behavior of the account purchaser is not certain, the account seller has the revenue risk in the absolute meaning towards the trust on the account purchaser and the account selling action.
    通过对影响产品赊销收益模型的因素分析 ,提出了信任与产品赊销活动的关系 ,认为在产品赊购者付款行为不确定的情况下 ,产品赊销者对产品赊购者的信任和赊销行为具有绝对意义上的收益风险。
    Credit is a necessary and indispensableprerequisite in the operating system of modernmarket economy,account sale is a new transaction way based on credit and opposite to cash sale,nowdaysit is widely used in every field of society.
    Margin transaction (account sale) is the result of market development. However,credit risks and credit management exert a significant effect on the development of an enterprise,which can even directly threaten the survival of an enterprise.
    信用交易 (即赊销 )是市场发展的产物 ,但是信用风险和信用管理对企业的发展影响极大 ,甚至对企业的生存直接造成威胁。
    After entering into market economy system, most of enterprises sell goods by an account sale, so management and control of trust risk become very important.


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