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    Pachytene Analysis on Chinese Dong Xiang Wild Rice and Its Affinity with Cultivated Rice
    The Affinity of L-asparaginase and PEG_2-L-asparaginase to Asparagine and Glutamine
    The Regulatory Effects of PMA, Anti-CDS、 PHA and A23187 on the Expressions of Tac Antigen and High Affinity IL-2 Receptor on Jurkat Cells
    Regulation of Follitropin Receptor Affinity And Adenylate Cyclase Activity on Plasma Membrane of Bovine Calf Testis by G Protein
    Affinity and host/guest interaction of silicalite-1 studied by TG/DTG/DTA
    Measurement and calculation of affinity constant in between calmodulin and cell membiane Ca ̄(2+) -ATP_(ase) binding domain
    6 of 16 phage clones were identified positive by competitive ELISA,which had comparatively strong binding activity to rhEndoglin. Five sequences were obtained,and the predominant sequence was AHKHVHHVPVRL. Competitive inhibition test showed that positive phage clones had good affinity to Endoglin,with the affinity constant as(1.431±0.293)×107 mol/L.
    indicating effects of NH+4 on K+ uptake are mainly attributed to its influence on the quantity of potassium carriers located at the cell membrane instead of on the affinity of the uptake sites for K+.
    Objective: To evaluate the cellular affinity of RGD peptide modified PLGA/HA(poly lactic coglycolic acid/ hydroxyapatite) film.
    目的:研究将RGD肽结合至聚乳酸基复合材料-聚乙交脂丙交脂与羟基磷灰石的复合物,形成的新型RGD-PLGA/HA(RGD peptide modified poly lactic-glycolic acid/hydroxyapatite)膜材料的细胞亲和性
    The product had good conductivity(the resistivity was 0.1 Ω·cm) and affinity for resin.
    Chronic aluminum exposure can reduce not only the activity of PKC but also the protein expressions of CaMKⅡ and Ng and the phosphorylation level of Ng, thus affecting the affinity between Ng and calmodulin (CaM). The adjustment and modulation of Ca2+-CaM complex to CaMKⅡ were also impacted, inhibiting the formation of LTP and damaging learning and memory.
    The quantitative relationship,between structure score and the affinity of the HLA-A2 restricted CTL epitopes,was studied based on the SCORE function by using the theory and method of QSAR. A test set include 5 HLA-A2 restricted CTL epitopes was used to validate the quantitative model.
    The quantitative model has good correlation(r=0.916 5,RMS=0.38),and good predictability for outside samples((rpred =0.984 7,RMS=0.135).A new method to predict the affinity of the HLA-A2 restricted CTL epitope was constructed based on the SCORE function by using QSAR methods,which provides a theory base to identify the CTL eptiope by using experimental methods and design a new therapeutic vaccine.
    基于SCORE打分函数建立的定量模型具有较好的相关性(r=0.916 5,RMS=0.38)和对外部样本的预测能力(rpred=0.984 7,RMS=0.135). 基于SCORE打分函数,运用定量构效关系研究的理论和方法建立了HLA-A2限制性CTL表位亲和性的定量预测方法,为实验鉴定高亲和性HLA-A2限制性CTL表位提供了理论依据.
    The experiment results indicated that the "three components" system could get a rather high affinity switching from oleophylic to hydrophile in weak aqueous alkali, when the ratio of the optimized copolymer, BPA-DEVE and PAG was 100 : 20 : 10(wt%), the PB tempreture was 160℃ , the PB time was 10min, the PEB tempreture was 160℃ and the PEB time was 10min.
    实验结果表明,优化后的树脂与 BPA-DEVE和PAG的配比为100:20:10%(质量分数),预烤版温度为160℃,预烤版时间为10min,后烤版温度为160℃,后烤版时间为10min的条件下,“三组分”体系发生亲和性转变,从亲油变为亲水且弱碱水可溶。
    Waterborne UV curable leather finishing has good polish and tactility, because it has better affinity for leather surface than solventborne finishing.
    High affinity anti-TNFα human monoclonal antibodies directly selected from pooled phage display library
    Affinity between Two Wild and One Cultivated Pleurotus Species
    Affinity and Dispersivity of Nano-SiO 2 and Polymers
    Study on chitosan fibers modified with bovine serum albumin and its cellular affinity


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