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    The fluorescence intensity of MSC-FITC-P1 was 29.7 times higher than that of controls, and about 99.8% of MSCs was conjuncted with FITC-P1. On the results of ELISA, the value of Bio-Pl bound to MSCs was 4.05 times higher than that of blank, which confirmed the favorable affinity of Bio-Pl towards MSCs.
    流式细胞仪检测FITC标记多肽与MSCs的结合率为99.8%,荧光强度为阴性对照的29.7倍。 酶联免疫吸附实验检测结果显示,生物素标记亲和肽(Bio-P1)与MSCs的结合强度为空白对照的4.05倍,说明Bio-P1与MSCs具有良好的亲和性
    In order to investigate the affinity and stability of Bio-Pl towards MSCs in vivo, MSCs-Bio-P1 was implanted into the periphery of tumor tissue below the skin of nude mouse.
    HAb18 is a high affinity monocloonal antibody against hepatocellular carcinima membrane protein.
    in the hybrids between 681A and three types,the affinity index of 681A was higher than it's maintain lines,which showed the affinity of hybridization has sterile cytoplasm effection.
    1)种间杂交的亲和性:a、利用油菜雄性不育系681A和其保持系与三大类芸薹属品种(红菜薹,白菜型油菜, 白菜)杂交,681A与三类品种杂交的亲和指数都高于其保持系。
    Recombinant Protein(rProtein) A Sepharose Fast Flow is an affinity medium. The capacity of specific binding for Fc region of IgG is enhanced by coupling protein A with Sepharose 4 Fast Flow. The IgG is perfectly purified by the covalent combination.
    Recombinant Protein(rProtein)A Sepharose Fast Flow是一种亲和性介质,重组蛋白A与Sepharose Fast Flow偶联后,增强了特异性结合IgG Fc段的能力,这种共价结合使抗血清中的免疫球蛋白IgG得到高度纯化。
    The results indicated that N-Succinyl-Chitosan demonstrated high affinity for K562 leukemia cell declining with the increasing of MW of chitosan.
    To solve the problem in purification of recombinant fusion protein, affinity tag(6×His tag) is constructed in recombinant fusion protein to purify it by nickel chelating affinity chromatography.
    为了解决重组融合蛋白的纯化问题,人们将亲和性标签(6×His tag)构建到重组融合蛋白上,以便用镍亲和层析的方法纯化重组蛋白。 镍亲和层析是一种常用的蛋白质纯化方法,它利用金属镍(Ni)与6×His tag之间的亲和性,采用亲和层析的方法就可以将带有6×His tag的蛋白质纯化出来。
    In addition to the C3 pathway, C4 plants use the C4 photosynthetic cycle to elevate the CO2 concentration at the site of Rubisco. One of the key enzymes in C4 pathway is phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) that has higher affinity for CO2 than Rubisco.
    The Km of modified L-asparaginase (Km(app) = 0.844><10"3 mol-L"1) was 5.6 times lower than that of native enzyme. The affinity of modified enzyme to substrate L-asparagine elevated.
    TGF-βRⅢ transfers TGF-βs in stroma to TGF-βRⅡ and enhances their affinity.
    2.The study of the relationship between expression of DsNRT2.1 and NO3-influx has shown that DsNRT2.1 has a higher affinity at low NO3- concentration.
    The newer formed AlN behaves finer interface affinity with Al-Si alloy.
    Zur (Zinc uptake regulator) exists in many bacteria. The primary function of Zur is repressing the high affinity zinc uptake system when the zinc concentration in the cell reaches a threshold. It has been reported that Zur is encoded by ORF XC1430 in Xanthomonas campestris pv.
    锌吸收调控蛋白(Zinc uptake regulator, Zur)存在于许多细菌中,它的主要作用是当细胞内的锌离子浓度过高时抑制高亲和性锌吸收系统(high affinity zinc uptake systems)的表达;
    Sunshine of day and temperature was studied critically by investigating leafage and researching traits indoors. The results showed that the daily minimum temperature was the principal factor of affinity conversion and the affinity conversion boundary was 16.5~18.1℃. HE97 was primarily regard as self-incompatible line in this research.
    In this research, the NH_3/O_2 plasma and plasma grafting after Ar plasma treatment were used to modify its surface in order to improve its hydrophilicity, and discussed the affection on the amino density of material surface, the grafting density of PVP, the surface form before and after treatment, the change of contact-angle by different treatment conditions and make research on the cell affinity of modified materials.
    and the 3T3 fibroblast cells culture appeared that the cells were growing best on the surface treated by the NH_3/O_2 plasma, and the cell affinity was improved in a certain extent on the surface treated by the plasma grafting.
    Consistently, we showed that Dimethylsulfoxide dramatically elevated the RNA polymerase activity and slightly increased the affinity (K_M) with the DNA template.
    Incidence of RSV rised to about 90.0% while initial incidence was 16.4% in high affinity transmitter group.
    Incidence of the low affinity transmitter group fell to about 2.5%.
    High affinity transmitter group is significant for the research of virus transmission mechanism, variability of pathogenicity of RSV、 varieties resistance.


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