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    The tools of concordance such as Word Smith,Concordance all make great contributions to analysis of texts,especially literary texts with complicated plot.
    语料库的工具如Word Smith,Concordance等为文本,尤其是具有情节性的文学文本的分析做出了重要的贡献。
    The basic meaning of Bestrangement is: in poem or literature, all expressive forms are not strict copies of reality, on the contrary, they are intentional violations.
    They were all the products of patriarchy in the European society.
    Almost all the great masters in literature and thinkers stand on the meeting an point of the world excellent cultures.
    All related to us:from White Boat to Cassandra Sigil
    We Are All Human Beings——Analysing the Image of Rebecca in Romsersholm
    Hence we can find many types of literature such as prose, parallel prose, songs of the south, ancient style poetry, modern style poetry, weird story, marvellous tales, historical romance in the treasure-house of Vietnamese literature, and among all the different forms.
    If we view this literary phenomenon against the background of China's modernization after the late-Qing dynasty, it will become clear that all the descriptions of China -- about immigrants' homes, their country lives, their anxiety and their identity crises were not a strange phenomenon.
    Therefore, no matter Realism Theater, Experimental Theater or Contemporary Play all expects the Theatrical System Comprehension.
    Woolf also thoughtthat" Every secretof the writer's soul, every experience in his life, every traitin his mind, all arerecorded in his works".
    First of all, their similar family backgrounds, experiences and education induce them to develop similar thoughts, that is, to fix their eyes upon the world outside them and anatomize it, and to present the mess, reversed and out-of-order society and dull, meaningless life.
    All his Southern gentlewomen are delicate and sensitive women who best represent the culture and gentility of the Old South.
    the second is that both of mem are the aesthetics art Whether idling a miserable story or describing a tragic scene, all of their fairy taks are in harmonious tone;
    Although they lived in the different times of America, London's Martin Eden, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Dreiser's An American Tragedy all share the same theme - tragedy of the American Dream.
    Critics of different critical approaches analyze it, critique it and all find it interesting and profound.
    自作品问世以来,关于此作的评论层出不穷。 评论家用不同的批评方法来分析它,评论它,且发现此作有趣且深奥。
    Because of it,the readers can found buffoonery,grotesquery and bizarre depictions and characters in his works,at the same time,he uses the language different from the traditional Japan language,exaggerate,distorting and ironical,all these reflect the intense"marginal "consciousness.
    they all live in the situations of two cultural conflicts and combinations;
    But all this is to be attained by Hardy's superb art of writing interweaving every description or meditation into a tragic story.
    Grass's thought of enligthment,the spirit of introspection and the experience of life are all based on the thinking mold and affection pattern of carvinal. It can be traced to the same origin of the spirit of literature in Europe.
    In all, the Imagism movement didn't last for long, but Pound and his poetic aesthetics is still worth studying.


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