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    The Goal of French Educational Reform in the New Century: for the Success of All Students
    The requirement of new middle school science curriculum is to all students, for students' development, incarnate the essence of science, pop out science inquiry and show present fruits of science.
    . In order to stimulate an automatic, all-arround and sustoining development healthily for all students and every teacher, the school will have to take the initiative to develop itself healthily, to perfect its own management, to improve educational means, to create healthy educational capabilities, to solve its own ever-lasting problems in development constantly, and to build up healthy educational strength and management circumstance.
    2.Create a better environment for learning information technology and construct a platform for the lifetime-study. 3.Pay attention to all students and build up unique course on information technology.
    2、 营造良好的信息环境,打造终身学习的平台:3、 关注全体学生,建设有特色的信息技术课程;
    The third part expounds the enlightenment that the theory of multiple intelligence gives the creative education: face all students, establish the multiple development view of creativity;
    The evaluation system of education is first of all the tool of improving student's development, and it should ensure all students encouraged, good and poor are all involved in.
    素质教育评价体系首先应是促进学生发展的工具 ,它不应只使学得好的学生获得激励 ,而应使全体学生 ,包括学习成绩差的学生都获得激励 ;
    The proposal is to establish and advance the system project of having a health and all-round growing social environment for all students.
    由此提出 :建立和推进使全体学生有一个健康而全面成长的社会环境是一项系统工程。
    The theory of psychological education, a new explanation of traditional psychological education, aims at improving the psychological quality of the students comprehensively, to further promote the all-round development of all students.
    心理教育论是对传统的心理教育的一种新的阐释 ,目的是全面提高学生的心理素质 ,进而促进全体学生全面而主动的发展。
    The mental health education of college students should base on education and instruction,should open to all students and serve for the development of students' mental health to help them obtain scientific and ratonal ideas,should cultivate and establish proper behavior style and habits. 〔
    心理健康教育的模式应在教育和指导的基础上 ,面向全体学生 ,为学生心理健康发展服务 ,使学生获得科学正确的理性观念 ,培育和养成良好的行为方式和习惯。
    School,family,society and media must be responsble for psychological education mutually; It must be the activity by all teaching staff to all students,not by part counseling staff to part students.
    心理健康教育是学校、家庭、社会及媒体的共同责任 ,应该成为全体教育工作者面向全体学生的教育活动 ,而不是少数心理咨询人员面向少数学生的工作。
    It emphasizes that developmental guidance involves all school personnel and is for all students by developing a well organized, planned and systematic guidance program.
    TAP模式强调学校应以发展性辅导为主 ,在心理辅导教师指导下充分发挥普通任课教师在心理辅导工作中的作用 ,通过精心设计与组织心理辅导计划 ,为全体学生提供系统的心理辅导服务。
    The purpose of psychological health education is to foster sturdy psychological quality of students and to foster and develop sturdy psychological quality of all students consciously, have purposes, in a planned way. And this is the starting-point of psychological health education and is also final purpose of psychological health education.
    New deepening substantial education reforms advocate inquiry teaching in every subject for the seek of all students.
    在肯定传统教学优点的前提下,阐述探究了教学设计的目标和探究教学的内容,并提出一 些意见和看法. 新一轮基础教育课程改革要求,学校教育要面向全体学生,使每个学生得到全面的 发展.
    The goal of the curriculum reform in our country is the harmonious development of all students and the unification of essentiality, diversity and selectivity of curricula.
    A "national discussing commission on the future of schools" has been set up in France for the educational development in the 21st century. It has organized a national discussion on the future of schools and finally published a report named For the Success of All Students. The Law of Future Orientation and Program of Schools has also been passed to ensure every student to acquire the common foundation consisting of both knowledge and ability.
    Based on the analysis of the connotation and variables of the concept of individual differences,this article makes reflections on the approach of adaptation and also puts forward the approach of transcendence,which aims at facilitating the overall development of all students while admitting and respecting their individual differences.


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