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    Therefore, each teacher of us must know the contents, ways and models of the mental health education definitely in order to exert the real function of mental health education and make all students hold mental health.
    为此 ,我们每个教师必须明确学校心理健康教育的内容、途径及模式 ,以期发挥心理健康教育的真正功能 ,使所有学生的心理都能得到健康地发展。
    Singapore has been implementing bilingual education since the founding of the nation. The system stipulates that all students must study two languages.
    Questionnaires were completed by all students before the study and the post-questionnaires were completed by the experimental students.
    Quality education admits the different psychology and progress between students, and emphasizes the full development of all students.
    This text in deep to holds the eighth basic education curriculum reform put forward curriculum goal which knowledge and technical ability , course and method, emotion attitude of the Trinity of values, new curriculum idea which evaluation can promote all students to develop, the curriculum evaluation view of expansionary students' evaluation.
    A noticeable characteristic of this curriculum revision is that it takes the student-centered approach, focusing on comprehensive development of students by requiring all students to achieve such development.
    It is a kind of teaching tactics that makes all students reach the scheduled study goal, with the faith that "everybody can study" as its foundation, with the collective that composed of different aptitude students as its prerequisite, regarding the formative evaluation as the main means, with frequent prompt feedback and individual help.
    School-to-Career focuses the offering of various choices about 'future' for all students, setting a foundation for life-long development, and successful transition from school to career.
    The fundamental concept of inclusive education is to include all students, and meet all the students' needs.
    Second, study the individualization of the environment, namely study the environment in the intellectual group type out of the common to be directed against every student, and not only direct against all students' generality;
    With the China's entry into the WTO, requirements for English teaching and learning become higher and higher. The increasing college enrollment in recent years distances the individual differences among students. However, the current traditional teaching model is no longer suitable for all levels of students and the traditional teaching methods can not be applicable to all students.
    Success sports is based on personal student’s development. Pursuit student’s potential discovery and development, emphasize all students can obtain development .
    According to the new chemistry curriculum, the objective of instruction is to enhance scientific literacy of every student, which requires instructors to pay attention to the development of all students, particularly to those novice-like students.
    The multicultural education in geography teaching according to the meanings of multicultural education and the understandings of the other disciplines, it bases on geography knowledge, to enable all students to understand some multicultural knowledge, to know the reasons of the differences between us, to raise own multicultural consciousness.
    The second chapter discusses how to construct teaching atmosphere of the inclusive classroom through making all-student-included classroom atmosphere, building inclusive learning community, and instructing all students non-discriminatively .
    Ye Lao summoned all students want to be good at using language this tool, for enhancement entire Chinese nation's scientific cultural level and realization four modernizations contribution strength. Mr.
    The open type laboratories are intended to be open to all students as well as educational establishment at all levels and society.
    开放性实验室就是对所有学生开放 ,对各级各类教育机构开放 ,对社会开放。
    But all students know little about safely using blood.
    But not all the teaching patterns are flawless and suitable to all students and teachers.
    The evaluation of traditional physical education measured all students according to the “the stand and of national exercise”. If neglected the students individual difference.
    传统的体育学习评价是以统一的《国家体育锻炼标准》来衡量所有学生 ,忽视了学生的个体差异 ,漠视了学生的个性特长。


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