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    In English teaching,it is necessary to practice quality education,help students to set up right attitude for learning,to raise teachers comprehensive quality for reaching as a guarantee and improve all students' comprehensive quality as the target.
    Top Quality Education for All Students' Comprehensive Development
    As an integral part of general education, technology education for GSHS is one of the fundamental approaches to the achievement of the goals. Its primary purpose is not to foster special talents, but to develop technological literacy for all students needed to survive in the 21~(st) society.
    including physics education is to heighten all students' scientific literacy, but why are so many students with so many years' science education still science illiterates?
    Quality-oriented education requires us to meet the needs of all students and promote their all-round development.
    Learning to study has become the education reform' s main current direction. According to the theory for quality education, school education must be faced to all students, and place great emphasis on student' s creativity, practical capability, brave exploration and creative science spirit, laying a solid foundation in students' sustainable development.
    The general objective of psychological health education of middle and primary schools: improving psychological quality of all students, developing latent energy fully, training students' optimistic and upward psychological quality, promoting perfect development of students' personality.
    Combining group coach with specific training, facing all students and choose the typical individual to track at the same tune, and to accumulate cases;
    Mathematics course of the secondary vocational school should reflect outstandingly basic, popularization, and development. It also should make mathematics education face all students, and " survive and developing, ability standard " education teaching thought should be taken as guidelines.
    for all students (or pupils) or for the intelligent part of them do we implement mathematical innovation education?
    The purpose of this research lies in changing the traditional education idea fundamentally, by carrying on the reform in education of the classroom, probing into the method to transform the bad student of mathematics, really reflecting the idea that faces all students, making sure to develop into the foundation with students and offering the train of thought and basis in order to improve the quality teaching and studying effectively.
    Justaccording to the appraising idea which is advocated by education reform“base on course,promote development ”, and should face all students and improve the bioscienceaccomplishment and probing study, teaching appraisement should focus on the need of thestudents’ development in all-round way and all life time.
    The scientific educational reform of the modern world aims the training of all students' good scientific accomplishment as its own goal.
    In this chapter I will throw light on the following: The key of class autonomous management clearly lies in the mainness of outstanding student, we should promote the development of all students, we should let them realize that how important self development and the autonomous learning are.
    As acquisition of communicative competence is the final aim of teaching English, education reforms will continue to urge educators to provide appropriate instruction for all students.
    Teaching should face to all students, to enable every student to participate in teaching, to become the master of the classroom.
    This theory is consistent with the guiding principle of our education reform,the overall objective --to the development of each student, all students in thedevelopment, to the overall development of students, to students personality development,cultivate a new generation of high-quality successors.
    After a year’s experiment,prositive results have been obtained in facing all students,transforming backward students and improving teaching.
    The newly issued Curriculum Standard for middle school English teaching proposes the objectives“for the development of all students, for the full development of students, and for the personality development of students”.
    As to similarities, both the Syllabus and the Standard, under the guidance of modern education theories, pay close attention to students’all-round and lifelong development for all students, so as to promote the fulfilling of quality-oriented education.


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