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    Prime contents include development and product course of Fiber Bragg Grating(F5G), demodulation principles of F5G,design of demodulation system of Fiber Grating Sensors with a Cantilever Beam,analysis of experiments,and a mechanism based on fiber grating-pair is presented which is used to study the solution of cross-sensitivity of Fiber Grating Sensor measurement.
    The content of this text includes four parts primarily: Introduction, the method of research, the result of experiment and the analysis of experiment.
    Finally, with the analysis of experiment results and application in practice, this paper summarizes the features of such new type RTU, and gives the opinion about its further development.
    Based on the analysis of experiment result on the feature selection algorithms, we propose a measure for feature selection, and evaluate existing feature selection methods by this measure.
    discussion on sampling speed and instantaneous frequency and analysis of experiment' s result;
    分析了调制识别算法的仿真实验结果; 对采样速率的选取、非弱信号段判决、瞬时频率的计算以及算法数据关联性的简化等方面进行了研究。
    The conclusion drawn from the joint analysis of Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 is that: changing state hypothesis isn't suitable for Chinese spelling characters experimental material, maybe only suit English experimental material and can't be universally applied to other language except English;
    A series of performance evaluations have been conducted to evaluate the TCP friendliness of flow control algorithms in continuous media transmission by using NS2 (Network Simulator 2) from U.C. Berkeley. After the careful analysis of experiment results, this thesis proposes a new TCP friendly flow control algorithm TFRC-IVS flow control algorithm.
    Finally, the paper illuminates simply the simulation system and the analysis of experiment and summarizes.
    Analysis of experiment material shows that the poretexture is kind of coarse-pore and coarse-throat with high porosity and high permeability.
    Then the power circuit is designed . At last, with analysis of experiment data the relation of power output and transmission efficiency of transformer is researched in detail.
    The following is the result: for calibration set, correlation coefficient R = 0.84, coefficient of variation is 5.45%; for prediction set, correlation coefficient R = 0.93, coefficient of variation is 5.54%. The analysis of experiment's result shows that this apparatus can fulfill the application of practice using.
    The last chapter ends with issues and suggestions put forward by us according to the analysis of experiment results.
    And then ,apply one set of composition model and Arrhenius for tar Catalytic theorem, analysis of experiment data, calculate reaction speed and activation energy for different catalytic reforming process.
    Through the analysis of experiment data for throughput, delay, packet-discarded rate, jitter, it can be proved that the performance is improved.
    The adjustment of the whole system, acquisition of data and analysis of experiment data are completed.
    The analysis of experiment results indicates the effect of spatial matched filtering based on background segmentation is very good.
    According to the analysis of experiments result, the function relationship of hydraulic conductivity and MSW porosity is expounded.
    Through above analysis of experiment, statistical study and model verification, conclusions are drawn as folio wings:(1) Under the condition of this paper's experiment, Darcy law can't applied and water flow equation of motion in a single fracture is nonlinear equation.
    通过上述试验分析、统计研究以及模型验证,得出如下结论: (1) 在本文中的试验条件下,单裂隙中的水流运动方程为非线性方程,Darcy定律不再适用。
    This thesis studies the law of moisture-heat transfer coupling of the soft rock mass during freezing-thawing process following the study route-the study of theory,the analysis of experiment and the numerical simulation of cases based on the domestic and foreign scholars’s study in this field。
    According differential analysis of experiment data and theoretical result, we get the theoretical formula in designing automatic water expansion cylinder sluice in clear stream.


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