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    Through contrast analysis of experiment result and theoretical computation, this paper works out the handy and practicable computation formula in the anti-quake computation of spandrels:V ≤ 0.48f_vA' Type inside V— Consider the window a wall that earthquake function combination ascendto shear the dint design the value.
    将实验结果与理论计算数据加以对比分析,得到窗肚墙抗震验算的简便实用计算公式 V≤0.48f_vA′式中V—考虑地震作用组合的窗间墙上剪力设计值;
    Through the nonlinear finite element analysis on experimental model, the result of nonlinear finite element analysis of experiment model is obtained and compared with the date of experiment.
    Based on the analysis of experiment results, it is proved that it is feasible to apply the current design standard for load capacity calculation of recycled aggregate concrete columns.
    The adjustment of the whole system, acquisition of data and analysis of experiment data are completed.
    According to the case study, analysis of experiment data and user cognition, the paper put forward the general design characteristics and principles of IA of PMP user interface, and the common properties of user cognition are outlined.
    The theory of cosine emitted character and its correct model is analyzed, and thecalculation formulas of some kinds of general fixture are given. With the fact of coating machines author used, author makes the simulated calculation of film thickness uniformity and the analysis of experiment results, which provides a good basis for improving film thickness uniformity.
    Because the couplings among the parameters of air-condition system, it is hard to achieve steady control, author established the four control loops theoretical models, namely, sending temperature loop, room temperature loop, relative hunmidity loop and sending press loop by combining the theoretical analysis with the data analysis of experiment, then author set up the four inputs-outputs transfer function matrix and the decoupling controller transfer function matrix, so that the couplings among the four control loops are eliminated.
    鉴于空调房间的各个控制回路相互耦合难以达到稳定控制的状况,采用机理分析和实验分析相结合的方法,建立了空调房间的送风温度、室内温度、室内湿度和送风静压4回路的数学模型。 推导了解耦控制器的传递函数矩阵,给出了经过解耦的空调房间的对角传递函数矩阵。
    The achievement of research has been used in design and analysis of experiment result of air defense missile.
    2. Based on the analysis of experiment data, a conclusion is drawn that the aluminum alloy-CFRP composite beams approximately obey the assumption of plane crosssetion. And the whole process is devided into three stages: the stages of obeying the assumption completely, approximately and the stage of disobeying the as sumption, respectively.
    To meet the requirement of precision in experiment of MR’s sound absorption performance and be convenient for the analysis of experiment error, the standing wave tube instrument for the experiment is tested and debug.
    Through the analysis of experiment data, the law of influence of strengthening layer and surface quality has been studied under different process parameters such as peak current, pulse width, pulse interval and processing period.
    In the end, this paper depicts the design and implementation of this model on Globus and gives data and analysis of experiment.
    Based on analysis of experiment and theory, the procedure of the experiential design method and the segment distribution of stress control in the self-anchor length about the self-anchored prestressing cable are put forward.
    In the end the result and analysis of experiment is given.
    Through the analysis of experiment data, the optimum consumption quantity of running water and rainwater from May to September has been determined .
    Fourthly, the hardware debugging of the location arithmetic and error analysis of experiment result.
    Two additional postulates of the eightfold way are suggested on the basis of the analysis of experiments: (1) The nonlinear contribution of the isospin T and the hyper-charge Y to the mass-splitting is independent of the spin-parity of multiplets;
    Finally, on the basis of an analysis of experiments, comments are made on the said operation.
    On the basis of analysis of experiment data and application of relevant theory, Some important conclusions are drawn concerning the characteristics of the rail deflection force, the variation of the axial resistance of the track under moving load, the remainder of the rail deflection force, the bearing seat force and the displacement at the pier top caused by the rail deflection force.
    This paper,by taking aircraft helm surface air dynamics simulation as example, presents the principles,procedures,results and analysis of experiments with an electrohydraulic servo force simulation system.


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