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    Technical Demand and System Architecture of IPTV Services
    The explanation of design process is focused on three functional entities, which are defined according to three supported operation objects: SNMP manager, managed HFC devices, and system configuration terminal.
    对代理服务器的设计思路的说明,着重通过对其体系架构的几个关键功能实体的详细描述。 系统按功能层次和内部数据控制范围划分针对SNMP 管理者、被管HFC 设备以及系统配置终端三个服务对象的三个功能实体。
    The telecommunication service is developed swift and violently atpresent. The concept and system of traditional telecommunications arefaced with new technical revolution represented by Internet.
    In order to force this trend and utilize the existed network resource validly, IP voice management platform is developed as a VoIP special platform of new generation, by combining related research results at home and abroad and the advantage of every practical systems and system structures.
    Thus, the author of this paper realized their concepts, frameworks and system processing through studying. Also, it can be an introduction of this field for the research to more and more people, and it will be useful for the rapid development of the context-aware technology in Ambient network.
    The necessity of the guidance radar netting in air defense system is pointed, the basic form and system pattern of the guidance radar netting are also introduced, and the key technology of the guidance radar netting is analyzed.
    指出了防空体系中制导雷达组网的必要性 ,介绍了制导雷达组网的基本形式和系统模型 ,并对制导雷达组网的关键技术进行了分析
    At first this paper introduces the structure and system of new networks based on Softswitch ,then describes the demand in shengli networks based on the IP wideband networks that shengli has been built, the author gives solution for the integrated service of voice and data in serried skyscrapers.
    The technological characteristics and system, application area and classification of such countermeasures as radar, electro optical and communication are discussed emphatically, based on statement of the mission and development of electronic countermeasures. The critical technologies of modern electronic warfare, which have effect on airborne weapon system are also described.
    在阐述电子对抗使命与发展的基础上 ,重点综述了雷达对抗、光电对抗和通信对抗的技术特点、技术体系、应用领域及分类等 ,给出了现代电子战对航空武器系统影响的关键技术
    The paper analyzes the general requirements of the integrated network management system firstly, then summariges the key factors of the system implementation,finally presents the organization structure and system implementation tactics by stages for the integrated network system implementation in the electric power communication network.
    This article discusses integrated architecture of IPv6 and AAA in detail, and presents essential components and system requirements they should achieve in the security system. It also analyzes different roaming phenomena of mobile host and puts forward a simple flow of mobile host registration model, which is helpful to accelerate utility progress of mobile IPv6.
    This document provides a methodo-logy for analyzing and evaluating applicatio-n networkability and describes how to use O-PNET technologies to realize application networkability assessment and system modeling in the product environment of the IBS Syncretic Accounting System.
    本文对中国网通北京市分公司的lBS合一帐务系统进行了网络特性的测试与评估,运用网络仿真技术建立了相应的仿真模型。 文中提出的测试和建模方法克服了传统测试评估方法忽视其网络特性和网络应用之间相互影响的缺陷,为构建一个科学的网络及应用系统测试评估体系进行了一次有益的尝试。
    Simulation training system’s model system was established consisting of appearance model, mechanism model, human-computer interaction model, training evaluation model and system structure model, based on which four typical mode of simulation training system were put forward.
    Based on the classical MPLS technology and the characteristic of mobile satellite networks,a MPLS-based mobile satellite system top design,which includes networking concept,protocol stack and system functional blocks,is proposed. At last,the key problem that must be faced in MPLS-based mobile satellite communication networks is analyzed and some resolutions are given.
    IMS is the best way to realize FMC in current telecommunication field. This article elaborates the standardization process and system architecture of IMS in details and introduces the technical features of IMS furthermore.


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