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    Are Anthropologists All False and Affected? ——After reading“Humanities Type”
    Perception of Anthropologists,Understanding of Philosophers,and Speaking of Literaturers-a Commentary of“The Age of Wild Ghosts”
    The study of poverty will definitely need the joint effort among economists, anthropologists and sociologists.
    While the SA system of the large dam project from the perspective of the sociology paradigm is assessed by the sociologists and anthropologists from the perspective of the sociology;
    Abstract This paper explains the main reasons why anthropology shows great interest in method of participant observation and that of comparative studies, and the advantages of integration of historical sciences into anthropology, then recounts the studies on history of the regional development in anthropology and introduces the construction of theoretical models adopted by anthropologists in the studies of the Chinese societies and cultures.
    Professor Zhou Da - ming introduces the development of American anthropology, especially metropolitan anthropology and applied anthropology, the globalization and nativization in American anthropology circle, the research on the racial group relationship, American anthropologists' work.
    He also compares the difference between Chinese and American anthropologists,and analyses the future of Chinese anthropology in the 21th century.
    The reason why history and anthropology are combinde is the concern of anthropologists about history and the interest of historians in anthropology.
    历史学与人类学之所以相汇 ,一是人类学家对历史的关怀 ,二是历史学家对人类学的兴趣。
    Its birth and development result from the efforts of anthropologists and the contribution of historians.
    历史人类学作为一门交叉学科的产生和发展 ,既有人类学家的努力 ,又有历史学家的贡献
    Both anthropologists' research of alien- cultures and their reflection on self-cultures are aimed to dispel the misunderstandings and the gulf resulted from unfamiliarity between various peoples.
    人类学家们对异域文化的探寻、对本土文化的自省 ,旨在化解各族群间因陌生而造成的误解和隔阂。
    And then,the anthropologists such as Traweek extend the sites to scientific research institution and study the culture reconsturction of papers and instrument.
    以特拉维克为代表的人类学家把研究范围扩大到整个科研机构 ,研究科学论文和技术仪器的文化重构 ;
    With the developing of computer technology in 80s,anthropologists start to explore the high-tech's effects on life and work,and the fieldwork site shift to high-tech community.
    80年代 ,随着计算机技术的发展 ,人类学家开始探索高科技对人们生活、工作、家庭的影响 ,科技人类学的田野调查也逐步向高科技社区转移 ;
    Chinese anthropologists,whether having studied abroad or in China, find that their academic research is hardly available to the rest of the world.
    The paper summarizes representative perspectives of the essays published in 2001's American Anthropologist, an important journal in the world of American anthropologists.
    对美国人类学学会主办的重要期刊《美国人类学家》2001年所刊发文章的主要观点作了综述。 其研究领域包括文化人类学、都市人类学、宗教人类学、体质人类学、语言人类学、应用人类学以及考古学等。
    This phenomenon has caught many anthropologists' attention, and has become a hot subject in the field of anthropology.
    Anthropologists probe into its causes by using different methods from different perspectives.
    Anthropologists tried to have breakthrough in the notion of “system” before the 1980s while began to obtain development in theo ry by doing away with that of “society is a real thing” after the 1980s.
    在 2 0世纪 80年代以前人类学家多是在“系统”这个概念上来寻求突破 ,80年代之后则开始设法摆脱“社会是一个物”这个概念 ,以获致理论的进展。
    It is regarded widely by British and American anthropologists owing to its discussing the anthropological tracks in the last half century on epistemological and methodological altitudes
    Margaret Mead,one of the most well-known women anthropologists in USA, established with Benedict the School of Cultural Psychology.
    Through this, we can see the visional mechanism underlying anthropological knowledge, including attitudes of anthropologists towards other cultures, towards themselves and their own views as well as the power structure controllingthe development of anthropology.


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