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    Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    It is an important method of integral calculation in the area of applied mathematics to find the integral factor of Pdx+Qdy+Rdz,which is also an important method to judge if a three dimensional vector field is conservative.
    Study of Applied Mathematics Teaching Reform in Higher Mathematics Class
    Reform of The Economy Applied Mathematics Course in Higher Agricultural Universities And Colleges
    Applied Mathematics—A Journal of Chinese Universities Contents of Vol.21 Ser.A
    Optimizing textbook System on fundamentals of Applied Mathematics Settling for Professional Researching Demand of Engineering Master
    优化应用数学基础教材体系 满足工程硕士专业研究需求
    The characteristic microclimate inside the greenhouse and the effects of the treatments were researched analyzed by means of Crops culture,Agricultural meteorology,physiology and Ecology,Agricultural statistics,Applied mathematics and so on.
    Wavelet transform, which is a new powerful mathematical tool appeared in recent years, is regarded as the crystal work of pure mathematical field and the great breakthrough in signal-picture analysis and quantum physics, and is thought as the new trend of applied mathematics.
    3) Applied mathematics skills, ordinary differential equations are changed into standard non-linear ODE questions.
    3) 应用数学变换技巧,将常微分方程组转换成标准的非线性ODE 问题;
    Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP),which is a N P-complete problem of combinatorial optimization realm, is a hotspot problem in the subject of operation research, applied mathematics, network analysis, theory of chart, computer application and transportation during the last twenty years.
    车辆路径问题(Vehicle Routing Problem)是近二十年来运筹学、应用数学、网络分析、图论、计算机应用及交通运输等学科研究的一个热点问题,也是组合优化中的NP完全难题。
    3 The thesis analyzes on four common cases of the sequence produced by a standard Newton iterative method based on the work by Lakshmikantham and Vatsala, which was published on Applied Mathematics and Computation in 2005. Some numerical results are used to illustrate the analysis.
    3 对于求解一维非线性方程的零点,本文在作者Lakshmikantham and Vatsala在Applied Mathematics and Computation in 2005文章的基础上推广了另外两种情况的Newton迭代法的迭代序列分析问题,并同时讨论了这四种情况下在没有变形的情况下的Newton迭代序列分析,最后本文给出了Newton迭代式在没有变形的情况下的数值示例。
    Based on the analysis of teaching situation, this paper pointed out the ways of cultivating students' ability of applying mathematics.
    Wavelet analysis is another a shining example in perfectly combining pure mathematics with applied mathematics after Fourier analysis.
    This article applies mathematics morphology theory and method, brings up one kind of selected multi-structural element, adopts ordering edge examination algorithm to examine image edge information, finally asks to different structural element edge examination results and, thus obtains final edge image output method.
    The French mathematician Bakry posed this problem in 1987 with a background of applied mathematics.
    鉴于应用数学的背景 ,法国数学家 Bakry在 1987年提出该问题。
    By extending the concept of "Dyson sets" proposed by Born et al(Discrete Applied Mathematics,1995,61:121~131)~([2]),this paper gives mathematical models for non-adaptive solutions to two different versions of the k-counterfeit-coin problem(the "identification version" and the "searchonly version",respectively),converting the solution-searching problem to a mere treatment of vectors.
    通过拓展Born等人(Discrete Applied Mathematics,1995,61:121~131)[2]提出的Dyson集概念,为k伪币鉴别问题和k伪币查找问题的非适应解建立了一致的数学模型,为使用数学方法处理上述两个问题的非适应解提供了便利.
    The mathematics methodology is the effective tool to improve mathematical teaching quality,It can show formative process of conception to apply mathematics methodology to conception teaching,It can also reveal the relation and difference among conceptions by analogy and association and pays attention to the establishment of conception system.
    It can expose sufficiently the process of how to explore new methods by analogy,induction,deduction and visual thinking to apply mathematics methodology to theorem teaching.


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