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    The Status Quo and the Appropriate Technical Measures for the Utilization of Organic Fertilizers in China.
    Clinical Analysis of Appropriate Use of Antibiotics in Community-acquired Infection
    The direction of technical study is to increase catalytic reaction speed and growth catalytic reaction time, guarantee the appropriate catalyzed temperature and adopt the reasonable structure and so on.
    The simulation results indicate that this structure of strained Si/SiGe HCMOS with vertical stack and a common gate is appropriate,and the performance is improved.
    结果表明所设计的垂直层叠共栅结构应变Si/SiGe HCMOS结构合理、器件性能提高。
    The parameter of forging material and heat treatment process for high & low pressure combined rotor of steam turbine has been studied in this article,from which the result indicates that through the appropriate difference heat treatment,the 24Cr2Ni1Mo1V material can be used to produce the high & low pressure combined rotor forgings of steam turbine which satisfies the quality requirements.
    It is one of the important procedures in keeping the safe construction of deep pit of groundwork to choose the supproting and protection structure form rationally,to calculate the structure correctly,and to decide an appropriate construction scheme.
    Based on the rich experiences in the production of duplex stainless steel,the smelting process was optimized; the appropriate process parameters of hot working,cold working and heat treatment on duplex stainless steel HDR tubing(00Cr25Ni6Mo3N)were determined,and hence a great deal of theoretical and experimential datum were piled up for the production of this kind of steel grade.
    Results showed that the appropriate sintering temperature of La2O3/Mo5Si3/MoSi2 composites was 1600 ℃,which was 100 ℃ higher than that of MoSi2.Addition of La2O3 may refine grain of MoSi2 matrix composites,and distinctly increased their density,Vickers-hardness and flexural strength.
    结果表明,La2O3/Mo5Si3/MoSi2复合材料的合理烧结温度为1600℃,比MoSi2材料提高了100℃; 稀土氧化物的加入细化了晶粒,且明显提高了材料的致密度、维氏硬度和抗弯强度;
    Conclusion: TGF-β1 plays a great role of participating in the fibrosis process of the nerve root compression. Appropriate regulation of TGF-β1 expression may decrease the adhesion and fibrosis of the nerve root compression.
    Sensitivity and specificity of CEA and CK-20 real-time RT-PCR with an appropriate cutoff value were all 100%,whereas those of conventional cytology were 33%,and 100%,respectively.
    Such conductions as Ag~+ ionsproviding with metal electrode and base glass,appropriate diffusing channel in TeO_2-Nb_2O_5-BaO glass,and goodmatching of temperature field with DC electric field will provide great possibility for preparing niobium tellurite glass based silver nanowire array.
    金属电极与玻璃基体相结合的银离子提供方式、TeO_2-Nb_2O_5-BaO 系统玻璃中合适的扩散通道、直流电场与温度场的合理匹配,为铌碲酸盐玻璃基体内银纳米线阵列的自组装提供了可能。
    The paper analyzes reasonably the results of some simulations in MANET, and emphasizes on kinds of factors to ensure the simulations results correctly in the field of MANET, including some aspects such as different results coming from the same algorithm with different simulators to be compared and considered, selecting appropriate parameters in the simulation model, the PRNG algorithm involved and so on, which are the important significance.
    By the analysis of multiple design method to composite drilling shaft lining structure of concrete and double steel cylinder, the comparative appropriate design method of probability limit state is presented.
    At the same time, when designing and calculating this shaft lining structure with elastic combination cylinder method and H. Linke method, the increased strength coefficient of the shaft lining structure's concrete which is in the state of three-dimensional stress should be considered, and obtained by current concrete design standard, making the designed shaft lining structure both safe reliable and economical appropriate.
    同时指出当采用弹性组合简法或H.林克法进行该种井壁结构的设计计算时, 应考虑井壁结构中混凝土处于三向受压状态下的强度提高系数,按现行混凝土设计规范取值,使得设计的井壁结构既安全可靠、又经济合理
    Appropriate Disposition of Vacuum Devise for Use of Film Dropping Evaporation Equipment
    Experiment on the Appropriate Amount of Water to Be Added in Decocting Herbs with Decocting Device
    Appropriate Shape of Bicycle Pedal Cranks
    Appropriate Definition,Reasonable Pattern Option and Scheme Design-Thoughts on the Development of China's Second-board Market
    Appropriate Application in the Repeat Positioning of Parts


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