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    According to choice and calculation of the atmosphere status parameter,calculation of the materiel balance,the quantity of heat balance and the consume of the medium in the dryness storehouse,the appropriate fan(the model 4-72 № 3.2A) was elected.
    According to the power consume calculation of the drier's parts,the appropriate electromotor(the model Y90S—4) was elected.
    At last the simulation result proves appropriate parameters can increase frequency resolution higher.
    Objective To observe the expression of phosphatase of regenerating liver-3(PRL-3) in five cancer cell lines HO-8910PM,CNE-2Z,A549,JAR and BEL-7402,on which the appropriate cell lines will be chosen to clone PRL-3 gene.
    目的研究促肝细胞再生磷酸酶-3(phosphatase of regenerating liver-3,PRL-3)在5株癌细胞(HO-8910PM、CNE-2Z、A549、JAR和BEL-7402)中的表达情况,为选择合适的细胞株克隆PRL-3基因奠定基础。
    The direction of technical study is to increase catalytic reaction speed and growth catalytic reaction time, guarantee the appropriate catalyzed temperature and adopt the reasonable structure and so on.
    The optimal dilution of europium labeled MCLR-BSA conjugant is(1/50) and most appropriate titration of anti-microcystin-LR(MCLR) monoclonal antibodies is 100 ng/mL.
    条件优化后Eu3+标记物的稀释度为1∶50,微囊藻毒素单抗的合适浓度为100 ng/mL.
    the appropriate ration of scale and dust is 1∶4;
    the appropriate powdered coke content is 12% in dust,and the appropriate water content is 14% correspondingly.
    When the amount of water is 100/0 and HLB values in the range of 6 to 9 with 20/0 surfactant,the O/W/O emulsions has an appropriate viscosity and stability,and it is suitably used as an alternative fuel for diesel engines.
    The water-injection cycle is appropriate by 4-6 months.
    Conclusion: As a result of the carcinoma of urinary bladder high reproducibility,choice appropriate case of illness,the regular revisit treatment,the utilization laser outpatient service urinary bladder cancer is safe feasible,Improved patient's survival rate and the quality of life greatly,also may lighten the burden of the patients and the medicare.
    After analyzing the 6 different growth periods from 28 d to 63 d,the total Cd content in 49 d in the shoot of Brassica juncea accounted for more than 90 % of the whole growth periods,and Ni content was above 80 %. Therefore,49 d was the appropriate time to harvest Brassica juncea.
    the appropriate thickness of bearing steel layer is 1.00-2.00 mm,and the optimal thickness is about 1.50 mm.
    It is appropriate that the fertilizer for basic and tiller occupies 40%(108 kg/hm2 pure N) of total supply,and that the fertilizer for panicle and grains occupies 60%(162 kg/hm2 pure N) in this test conditions.
    本试验条件下,基蘖肥占40%施N 108 kg/hm2、穗粒肥占60%施N 162 kg/hm2较合适;
    Using PTMG,BDO and MDI etc. as the raw materials the polyurethane prepolymer was synuhesized,effect of prepolymerization time and temperature was examined and the appropriate reaction condition was(80~90)℃/(2.5~3)h.
    以PTMG、BDO和MD I等为原料合成聚氨酯预聚物,分别考查了预聚反应的时间、温度等因素,确定了合适的反应条件为(80~90)℃/(2.5~3)h。
    Dynamic adsorption results revealed that,at the temperature of 20 ℃,the appropriate adsorption flow-rate and desorption flow-rate were 4 mL/min and 3 mL/min,respectively.
    动态吸附研究表明,在温度为20℃时,以吸附流速4 mL/min和洗脱流速3 mL/min较合适
    2.During test with SRM ergometer,appropriate gear should be chosen according to different training level of cyclists,and the 11 gear with indoor SRM ergometer is the best to simulate the track standing 166m.
    2)使用SRM功率自行车进行测试时,应根据运动员的训练水平不同,选取合适的档位,在实验室模拟场地原地起动166 m训练,11档是最合适的。
    The experimental results indicate that sintering temperature could decrease to 1180℃ with appropriate liquid additives, and their microwave properties are ε=41.2 , tgδ=5, τ=82 × 10-6 / ℃.
    实验结果表明在添加合适的烧结助剂下,烧结温度为1180℃时,BaTi4O9微波介质陶瓷在IMHz下的介电性能:ε=41.2,tgδ=5,τ=82×10-6/℃. 基本保持了良好的介电性能.
    Under an appropriate temperature (1023K<T<1073K), an oxygen partial pressure of 10~(-14.5) to 10~(-13.5) atm and a sulfur partial pressure of less than 10~(-8.2) atm, it is expected to result in a higher partial pressure of Sb_4O_6. The steam can promote the volatilization of Sb.
    Appropriate modes were selected to act on the special areas according to geometric and physical features of the object to be analyzed. As a result,an information field of element size was built in manner of project. Algorithm based on Delaunay triangulation was developed for 2D finite element adaptive mesh generation,in which element size is changed dynamically.
    在设计基准点、沿指定曲线等网格加密生成方式的基础上,根据二维区域几何特征和分析对象物理特性估计,通过选择合适的网格加密生成方式,作用于分析对象上,规划构造有限元自适应网格单元尺寸信息场,进而提出基于De launay剖分的动态节点-单元一体化算法,实现几何特征和物理特性整体自适应的有限元网格自动生成。


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