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    【Conclusion】Hydrosalpinx is detrimental to IVF-ET,and appropriate procedure should be adopted to deal with this problem before IVF-ET in order to improve the outcome.
    Conclusion The family environment influences the anxiety level of senior high school students to a certain extent, the parent should know the child's anxious state and take some appropriate measures in time.
    X8R MLCC dielectric materials,which can be applied to both Pd/Ag and Ni inner electrodes,were obtained by adopting appropriate Yb/Mg ratio and sintered atmosphere.
    This paper gave A brief introduction of the new concepts of food safety control,including Appropriate Level of Protection(ALOP),Performance Objectives(PO),Control Measures(CM),Performance Criterion(PC) and their application in the foreign countries.
    介绍国外目前食品安全控制过程中的新的概念,包括适当保护水平(ALOP)、操作目标(Performance Objectives,PO)、控制措施(Control Measures,CM)、操作标准(Performance Criterion,PC)等以及他们在保证食品安全方面的应用,对我国食品生产过程的安全控制起到一定的借鉴作用。
    Coaguration experiments showed that the appropriate coagulant can enhance the effects of drilling bentonite in treatment of dyeing wastewater.
    For the linear regression model Y=X β+e,e~(0,σ2W),W≥0,rank(X)=q, Some appropriate restrictions are given,the generalized ridge estimation of the linear model's parameter under the ellipsoidal restriction is obtained,and their characters are studied further,the sufficient and necessary term is obtained that MDE-I affects GLS.
    Try to improve the road conditions through some appropriate engineering measures,consummate traffic safety facilities,add traffic protective facilities,design the sections where it’ s ocular distance is not enough in the highway by scientific methods.
    Conclusion In order to protect the healthy development of children left in rural areas, appropriate psychological interventions are needed.
    Appropriate oxidative conditions could increase interlaminar shear strength from 28.4MPa to 80MPa.
    适当的处理条件可使CFRP的ILSS从28.4 MPa提高到80 MPa以上。
    The results indicate that alcohol/water reaction system and appropriate ultrasonic radiation are advantaged to prepare nano-CeO2 powder with smaller size and better disperse performance.
    In the favorable cultivation conditions such as ridge culture,appropriate density(more than 30 cm2/plantlet),moderate intensity of sunlight(25000~30000 lx)and suitable soil moisture(70%~85%),the plants grew well and the gray mold disease incidence was low.
    采用垄栽,适当稀植(>30 cm2/株),光照强度适中(25 000~30 000 lx),土壤湿度见干见湿(70%~85%)管理,能明显促进韭菜生长,并减少灰霉病的发生。
    appropriate behavior training;
    Objective To discuss the appropriate therapy for the resection of tumors in craniocervical junction via summarizing surgical operation methods of 15 tumor cases.
    Based on the design of adaptive controller, by using backstepping method, the appropriate quartic stochastic Lyapunov function that is different from the deterministic case is given in this paper. Meanwhile we study the decentralized robust stability in probability for a class of It type stochastic nonlinear large scale system, and the designing procedure of state-feedback and dynamic output-feedback decentralized robust adaptive controller are given systematically.
    In this paper, the mixture of TiO2 and Al2O3 powders with appropriate additives was sintered by fast-speed firing process and SPS techniques, respectively.
    However, how to choose appropriate combination of CAD/CAM from multitudinous CAD/CAM software to realize systematization of product design is the pivotal question which affects produce efficiency.
    This linear transformation doesn't change the property of the system,by using appropriate varying angle and breath to improve the synchronization property.
    The results showed that hydrogen production rate, hydrogen content, glucose utilization ratio and hydrogen yield reached the maximum of 6.00 L/h, 55.0% , 99.0% , 157.86 mL/g in appropriate conditions, respectively.
    结果表明,适当条件下产氢速率、氢气含量、葡萄糖利用率、转化率最大分别达6.00 L/h、55.0%、99.0%、157.86 mL/g。
    The results shows that the hardness, contact angle and wear resistance were all improved with appropriate nano-Al2O3.The wear resistance of composites filled with 7% nano-Al2O3 is the best under distilled water lubrication.
    Appropriate Design: The Design Theory of Product Model


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