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    build mathematics model of magnetic field according to Maxwell's electromagnetism theory, give a theory analysis to magnetic model through column-pivoting elimination, get the relation between the size of armature and the position;
    Aiming at the magnetic conductance of the working air gap of the relay with S-shaped armature and basing on the fundamental characteristics of the magnetic field, the paper is comprised with the analysis formulae which are deduced for calculating the magnetic conductance of the curved column type magnetic poles, the source program which is coded for the 709 machine, and the example which is used for comparing the calculating results with the conclusions of the grid method.
    After analysing the armature force of the relay, the author directly obtains the expression for parameter analysis of the general-purpose hysteresis loop in the relay using alternating and direct current, and therefore reveals the forming mechanism of the hysteresis loop.
    This paper first establishes a multi-segment linear body-spring-damping vibration modeland presents the analytical solutions of the vibrating response,then calculates the responseaccording to structure parameters of JZX-10M relay using a special program RELAY. It in-vestigates the motion law of the armature in detail when the relay is under the release(dan-gerous)state, and further discusses the possibility and effect factors of causing the tremblephenomenon.
    The armature switching is treated as damping in a relay,the vibration characteristics of the armature switching are discussed.
    D power-frequency electromagnetic field of an electromagnetic actuator used on AC contactor is analyzed by ANSYS software,and the average magnetic force of its armature is calculated. Optimization of iron core thickness is done by ANSYS optimization method.
    用ANSYS软件分析了接触器用双E型交流电磁铁三维工频磁场 ,根据交流电磁吸力平均值的直流等效原理 ,分两步计算了衔铁吸力 ,利用ANSYS优化设计方法对铁心厚度进行了优化。
    A simplified method was developed to analyze the squeeze film between the armature and the solenoid based on parallel plate flow theories.
    Through theoritical analysis on the linear range of transducer of differential transformer,it is believed that the magnetic induction density of axial magnetic field is the key factor that affects the linear range of the transducer,while the magnetic induction density is affected by such factors as the length and average radius of both primary coil and armature,and primary exciting voltage.
    The electromagnetic force around the armature surface and the magnetic flux in the working air gap before and after installation of the permanent magnets was analyzed using the Maxwell tension method and the FEM.
    As the structure size,armature displacement,force and so on are smaller,it is very difficult to test the static attractive force and spring force characteristics of micro electromagnetic relay in the world.
    国内外小微型电磁继电器静态吸反力特性的测试,由于继电器的结构尺寸、衔铁位移以及力等参数 均较小,测试难度较大。
    The simulation analyses of the main structure parameters, such as the length of the armature, radial gap and thickness of guide sleeve, which might influence its force-stroke characteristics, were performed.
    在此基础上 ,对影响比例电磁铁行程力特性的衔铁长度、径向间隙、隔磁角、隔磁曲线以及导套厚度等主要结构参数进行了仿真分析。
    The measures of reducing the armature stroke of valve, setting the proper gap of both armature ends and realizing the open/close control through two coils, and new technique and manufacturing technology were taken to implement the small mass, low power, quick response and long lifetime of the latch valve.
    This system is composed of the cantilever force sensor by which we measure the attraction force and mechanical force,the beeline grating displacement sensor by which we measure the displacement of armature or contact,a microcontroller by which we control the testing process and sample the signal from sensor,and a personal computer by which we analyze and manage the sampled data and monitor the testing process.
    Some factors such as working area,coil turns,core number,armature depth and iron material that influence the magnet force were discussed in detail.
    For designing a digital control-rod position detector and calculating its output binary code easily, the coding mechanism of a coil-coding control-rod position detector has coding factors for the secondary coil arrangement, the coil connections in a group and the magnetic armature position.
    According to the relay's structure characteristic, the displacement "x" of armature and the pressure"p" acted on the armature were measured by laser displacement sensor and pressure sensor, the "x-p" curve was then drawn.
    The pressure increases rapidly and the curve approximates to vertical line while the armature touches the core.
    A prototype micro electromagnetic relay with dimension of 5 mm×5 mm×1 mm was fabricated based on the MEMS fabrication process. The micro relay consist of a magnetic circuit, an excitation planar coil, a fixed contact pad and a permalloy cantilever(armature).
    采用MEMS加工工艺,试制了该新型微电磁继电器的样件,其尺寸为5 mm×5 mm×1 mm,它由上磁路、下磁路、平面励磁线圈、固定触点和活动衔铁等部分组成。
    The coil-fastness,armature motion limit and the EVA-cylinder head connection are mainly considered in the assembly design.


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