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    Technique of Variable-Value Table for Assembling language Program Design in single-Chip Processor
    A Single Loop Vectorization Method Based on Assemble Code
    The Design Principles and the Practice of Teaching PC Assembling and Maintenance
    Preliminary Teaching Method on Computer Assemble and Maintenance
    Reversible ultrahigh density data storage on a self-assembled organic thin film
    Room-Temperature Operated and Fully Gate-Bias Controlled Memory Devices Based on Self-Assembled InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots
    Preparation and characterization of fluoroalkylsilane self-assembled monolayers on magnetic head surfaces
    Diathesis Education of "Computer Assembles and Maintain" Course
    "The Computer Assembles and Maintains" Muliti-studies Environment Design
    Except for circular addressing and bit-reversed addressing, our C compiler have finished and can generate assemble code for media processor MD32.In retargetable C compiler, all instructions, including parallel instructions, are generated through instruction pattern matching, which is very difficult to generate effective parallel instructions.
    Based on these two factors mentioned above and the difficulty to implement in C compiler, this paper proposed a method of modifying operand type by inserting instruction LW or SW at assemble level as well as instruction scheduling. Therefore, this can generate effective parallel instructions and correspondingly improve the performance and density of object code.
    The substructure subspace iterative method is implemented using the stiffness matrix and mass matrix of the substructures without assembling the stiffness and mass matrix of whole structure.
    We began to explore the modularized flexible storage system from 1996.This article discusses in the design idea, fundamental principles, designing on structure, key technology and difficult problems in assembling and debugging, by analysing through practice, provide mature technology on the design of modularizedft.
    本文在研制实践的基础上,理论总结了模块化柔性存储系统的工作原理、技术关键及调试技术。 论述将模块化结构技术思想运用到存储系统的设计中,由各种标准的功能模块拼装组合,建成能独立完成存取功能的基本单元库,若干基本单元库组合成立体库群,通过计算机网络分级控制,实现物品的柔性存储、调配及综合管理。
    The thesis introduce the serial communicating theory between a computer and many MCU and the hardware and software strucutre of controling system in detail-Then the system primarily consists of a computer, many MCU and EDM4002A(LCD) which are very popular on present market, and actualize the comunicating between a coputer and MCU or LCD and MCU by Assemble language and C51 language.
    论文详细介绍了PC机与多单片机之间的串行通信原理及其软硬件结构的实现。 并采用现今市场上流行的PC机、EDM4002A液晶显示模块和89C51单片机为主要构件,以汇编、C51两种语言实现它们之间的信息交互,实现了该系统体积小、性能可靠、价格低廉、所需外围元件少的特点。
    A interface-card and a photoelectric board is designed,A control circuit is assembled by using them,through which a computer can control the mark printer;
    Be superior to firmware program developed in assemble language traditionally, our program is completed by C language, which improves program's movable and legibility.
    Based on the analyses of circuits and instructions, I also wrote some assembling programs, translated them into hexadecimal codes, and then put them into ROM to verify logic functions of the whole system.
    But the J2EE(Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition) Technology, evolving from Web Technology, provides a new way, based on component technology, to design, develop, assemble and deploy EIS. J2EE make the Business Logic as an independent tier from Client Tier and Server Tier.
    In the paper, two important points has been done. First, the author proposed a J2EE Application Server Architecture which based on Service and Assemble Bus by studying the specifications related to the J2EE platform. And the author explained the important parts of the architecture.
    firmwaremodule and CAN communication module are designed by using assemble language, whichcommunicate with PC;
    运用汇编编程语言,设计了转换器与上位机通信的 USB 固件模块、CAN 通讯模块;


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