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    Study on Thermal Balance Time of Metal Wire and the Resistance Balance Time
    The balance time and isotherm equation for the adsorption of HPW12 on the carrier are determined.
    (2) electrolysis could prolong theadsorption balance time of ACF, and made the regeneration period prolonging 4 times.
    The adsorption rate can reach above 99 % when the pH value were at the range of 4-10. The adsorption balance time was less than 10 min, adsorption capacities was 6.43 mg·g~(-1).
    纳米二氧化钛对五价钒的吸附平衡时间<10 min,酸度范围为pH4-10,饱和吸附量63.43mg·g~(-1)。
    (3) At the period of culture experiment of biofilm, in the 50cm depth of the system, the correlate coefficients that oxygen restoration balance time being with adding time and infiltrating velocity are 0.86 and–0.82, but for the whole system the correlate coefficients are very low.
    The experiment showed that the method could absorb co quantitively at a pH ofbetween 7,16 and 7.30,the balance time was 20 minutes and the absorptivc capacity was about 420μg/g.
    The measuring factors of electrodes linear relationship and repeatability. Complexing balance time and pH were semi quantitative discussed. Based on 10 -9 mol·L -1 lead detection limit of electrodes,10min balance time was adopted.
    The indication of the experments is that supersonic frequency 21.5kHz,supersonic time 10min,static balance time 12h is that the,best operating conditions of extracting rutin.
    实验表明,超声频率21.5kHz,超声时间10m in,静置时间12h,为超声法提取芦丁的最佳操作条件。
    Under the condition of (25±0 2) ℃, the balance time for the precipitating reaction of plutonium(Ⅳ) oxalate and the solubility of plutonium(Ⅳ) oxalate precipitate in mixed solution of HNO 3 H 2C 2O 4 with different concentration have been studied.
    研究了在 (2 5± 0 2 )℃条件下 ,草酸钚 (Ⅳ )沉淀沉降达到平衡所需的时间和草酸钚 (Ⅳ )沉淀在不同浓度HNO3 H2 C2 O4 混合液中的溶解度。
    increasing of action temperature would favour the removal rate but the balance time is generally 60-180 min.
    The results showed that the balanced time of absorbing water of the amendment was 8h.
    结果表明 ,调理剂的吸水平衡时间为8h。
    It has important effect on opening ice jam, based on flume experiments and analysis, the factor and course from initial ice jam to balance ice jam were studied, correlation about balance thickness of ice jam with balance time and flow condition and ice flow were unveil the right format of calculating ice discharge is published.
    平衡冰塞是冰塞发展与演变过程中的一个阶段 ,通常对开河冰塞有重要的影响 ,根据水槽试验和理论分析 ,对从初始冰塞演变到平衡冰塞的过程和影响因子进行了试验研究 ,揭示了平衡冰塞厚度及平衡时间与水流条件和冰流量等因素的相互关系 ,从理论上分析了计算输冰量的定性形式。
    Methods:In vitro exp erimental set, Sorin, Kewei and Tianjin BCDs were tested for the heat exchange capability, cross device pressure gradient and heat exchange balance time at different cardioplegia flow rates (50~600ml/min) and different input temperatures (24 , 28, 32,37 ℃).
    方法:Sorin、科威和天津BCD各5只连于模拟停搏液灌注系统,测定不同输入温度(24、28、32、37 ℃)和流量(50~600ml/min)下其变温效果、跨装置压力阶差和变温-平衡时间等指标。
    The residual ammonia could be effectively cleaned up after either washing 4 times with 5 min balance time or 3 times with 10 or 15 min balance time. The recovery ratio of RBC was 88.5% and 83.1% after washing 3 and 4 times, respectively.
    若平衡 5min ,红细胞洗涤 4次可有效去除残留NH4+ ,平衡时间达到 10min或 15min洗涤 3次即可达到目的 ,洗涤 3次和 4次红细胞回收率分别达到88 5 %和 83 1%。
    The balance time and Ostwald coefficient of hydrocarbon gases including CH 4, C 2H 2, C 2H 4, C 2H 6 and C 3H 8 dissolved in transformer oil were determined at 20℃ and 50℃, respectively. The error of repeatability of 8 measurements is less than 1.2%(RSD).
    测定了20℃和50℃温度下变压器油中溶解气体CH4、C2H2、C2H4、C2H6 和C3H8 的奥斯特瓦尔德系数和平衡时间,测量的重复性误差RSD小于1. 2%。
    The release in vitro accorded with Weibull equation. The reaching release balance time and the t1/2 extended 26 times and 19 times respectively comparing with injection.
    Formula ⑦:3% sugar+10mL/L vinegar+2 pills of aspirin,can improve the water absorbing ability of Chinese rose,enlong the water balance time and life span,thus it is an ideal fresh keeper of Chinese rose.
    The active carbon that actived by ZnCl_2 can adsorpted dyes methylene blue more than 25mL/0.1g,can adsorpted more than 98% Cr(VI),and the balancing time was about 5 hours.
    The LICOR-6262 analyzer was used as the mainbody in combination with a modified closed gas system, to explore effect of assumed balancing time and environmental temperature on results of the measurement.
    Results of the exploration showed ①balancing time of the closed gas system had significant effect on results of the measurement.


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