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    Settlement of Internet Interconnection Bargaining on the Focal Point
    On Power in Bargaining: An Experimental Study in Germany and The People’s Republic of China
    Analyses on Bargaining Model of Green Management Between Multi-national Corporations and Government of the Developing Countries
    The Analysis of Bargaining by Game Theory and the Corresponding Resolving Methods
    Analysis on Bargaining between an Upstream and a Downstream Firm in SC
    Factors Affecting the Ability of the Enterprise Bargaining in the Skills-based Cooperation
    Empirical study on enterprise bargaining power in skill-based competitive strategic alliances
    The Empirical Research on the Factors Affecting the Bargaining Power of Enterprises in the Skilled Cooperation
    Function of Concession Behavior in Negotiation:A Experiment in the Bargaining model
    3. On the basis of the Nash solution to two players bargaining, this paper works the alliance solution out by introducing the strategic alliance line, the consistency of Nash and Rubinstein solution on the condition of discount coefficient 1 is indicated.
    However, the asset generalization of impersonal exchange such as bank loan may sunk to asset specialization, the re-negotiation and bargaining abilities of bank will be weakened, thus the problem of loan hostage rises.
    In this part, the author built up a dynamic game model about the PTEs' sharing core competences, and gave out the Standard Bargaining Solution of transfer in the sharing process and the equilibriums and its realizing conditions of two periods game, infinite periods game and game with uncertain end date.
    其中,作者构建的民营企业核心能力共享的动态博弈模型,给出了共享中转移支付的标准讨价还价解和两阶段、无限阶段、具有不确定结束日的多阶段共享博弈的均衡解及均衡实现条件。 均衡分析表明,共享双方通过签订合同确定核心能力共享应得的补偿,并且在运作过程中采取适当的策略(如引入警告因子P),合作共享能够成为均衡策略。
    The highest level of supply chain management is the strategic coordination, the most important question is how to design cooperation mechanism, such as the risk collocation, bargaining power, and information sharing.
    The channel structure is integration when competition is very medium and retailer bargaining power is medium, but this structure is low efficient, which called prisoner puzzle.
    The channel structure is mix when competition is very strong and the second retailer bargaining power is poor, which is the situation of the first centralization and the second decentralization.
    研究发现:①当市场竞争强度较高而零售商讨价还价能力较弱或市场竞争强度较低而零售商讨价还价能力较强或市场竞争强度与零售商讨价还价能力都不高时,竞争渠道结构均衡将是更具效率中心化控制模式。 ②当市场竞争强度与零售商讨价还价能力重庆大学博士学位论文都为中等时,竞争渠道结构均衡将是处于囚徒困境下的低效率中心化控制模式。
    Debt govern transaction in a regular manner, in occasions involving high uncertainty and asset specificity, this kind governance structure will bring high bargaining costs when carrying ex post-adjustments, and so will harm value of continuity of operating.
    Skill-based strategic alliances are becoming an increasingly important organizational form abroad and at home, but cooperative effect and bargaining power of a partner in them are hardly researched.
    There must be competition when there is cooperation in present business, and the partners have to bargain each other evermore from forming to termination of skill-based strategic alliances. In this paper, the relationship among cooperative effect and bargaining power, knowledge acquisition, learning capacity in skill-based strategic alliances are studied in accordance with Cournot theory and structural equation models and so on.
    Thirdly, this paper explores changing mechanisms of enterprise bargaining power with every detail within skill-based strategic alliances using conceptual models and
    In addition, the purchasers and suppliers of the products have stronger bargaining capability, which, in the meantime, poses a disadvantage for Xinjiang West Company to enter LNG processing and transporting sector.


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