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    The supplier's bargaining capability is a key factor to influence the development of an enterprise.
    In the chapter of analyzing the secondary allocation of Shell resource, the author illustrates that coming into the stock market through buying the shares of companies already in the market is a Pareto improvement through discussion of bargaining model.
    3. Beginning with factors resulting in SA failure, three key factors are analyzed. Firstly, the allocation formula of two players and many players are given out withNash bargaining model.
    After the effective interval is analyzed, the dissertation moves on to the bargaining process, which is divided into two different stages, information exchanging and bargaining.
    In the stage of bargaining, quoting-dickering makes information exchanging completed, and the seller and buyer have the motivation to continue their trade, compromise with each other in the "common interval" to complete the trade.
    Corporation anti-takeover can intake competitive mechanism for the asset restructuring of the target corporations, can provide a chance for bargaining to protect the interests of the shareholders.
    John Commons expands the definition of property from concrete material to bargaining capability, from practical liberty to bargaining liberty in all economical business.
    Secondly, the questionnaire data is analyzed with the Amous4.0 software. It realizes the Structure Equation modeling analytics. Based on the analytics, it is discovered that the learning abilities of the enterprises and the commitment have significant effect on the bargaining power.
    Finally, this article carries out the explanation on the result of this empirical research, provides some suggestions and measures to improve the bargaining power of enterprises.
    Research on Negotiation Protocol and Associated Negotiation StrategiesNegotiation Protocol is the rule of interaction of Agents. A good protocol can make negotiation activities successfully to carry through. Negotiation Protocol which we research is Alternating Offers Bargaining Negotiation Protocol.
    On the market of bilateral monopoly structure, however, the prices of weapons, which are often more higher than ordinary level due to asymmetric information, are decided by negotiations or bargaining.
    The theory of nontraditional gains of RTAs argues except traditional gains such as trade creation, improved terms of trade, realization of economies of scale, increased competition and more investment, RTAs can also bring some nontraditional gains such as time consistency, signaling, insurance, bargaining power, coordination device and security benefits under certain conditions.
    On the other hand, we need make the formal rule play a key role in the process of making and implement of fiscal agricultural supporting policy, promote the bargaining power of the agricultural sector, reveal the peasant's demands preference for agricultural public goods and improve the government's budget management system .
    The paper continues with the introduction of bargaining theory and study on a bargaining negotiation model with incomplete information based on time restriction. Bargaining negotiation algorithm has been presented and analyzed for its performance through testing.
    There are three analysis models in the article, the dynamic analysis model of price decision under the condition of complete information, the dynamic analysis model of the three go-around bargaining under the condition of complete information and the dynamic analysis model of price decision under the condition of incomplete information.
    Several main and traditional issues on equilibrium lies in its existence, uniqueness, stability, efficiency and bargaining, which arouses major concerns by the mass.
    关于均衡的几个主要问题是:均衡的存在性、唯一性、稳定性、效率性以及讨价还价。 通常人们只关心以上几个主要问题,而对一般均衡中的超额需求函数关注较少。
    Potter, this paper studies the five forces of acetic acid industry including the current rivals, the threats of entry, the threats of substitutes, the bargaining power of suppliers and the bargaining power of buyers.
    Moreover, to resolve the problem how to divide the added profits, this paper used the theory of Parreto-Arrow risk aversion and Nash bargaining model.
    而SBR 的合约安排则未达到,特许双方可以通过合作来进一步提高他们的利润。 此外,本文还运用了帕累托—阿罗风险规避和纳什讨价还价理论,对因特许双方合作而新增的利润如何进行划分做了进一步的研究和讨论。
    And the 5 POWER MODEL is alsoapplied to study the bank' s trade and competition environment from such aspects as follows: threat from potential competitors, suppliers' and buyers' bargaining abilities, pressure of substitutes, the intensity among the present competitors.
    In practice,there are two tactics that are usually used in bargaining.


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