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    The LoColms Distance Educational System, an Innovative Approach to Promote Web Based Distance Education over the Local PSTN to Improve Education in the LDCs
    A Tunable Infrared Laser System Based on Stimulated Electronic Raman Scattreing Process
    Stimulated emission based on two-step hybrid resonance via A~1∑_u or B~1Ⅱ_u state of Na_2
    Interconnecting and interworking of Novell networks based on the ATM microwave network
    Feasibility of full-text search interfaces to be encapsulated into web services and applied in SOA is validated. Besides,performance of Lucene based search service is higher than Microsoft Search based search service.
    通过相关性能测试,验证了全文检索接口封装为Web服务并应用于面向服务架构的可行性,结果表明基于Lucene的检索服务总体性能优于基于Microsoft Search的检索服务.
    In order to quest an approach to measure inner quality of orange rapidly and nondestructive,the near-infrared spectroscopy of oranges were do-noised based on Daubechies 3 wavelet transformation at level 4.And the content calibration prediction models of soluble-solids(SSC),total soluble sugar(TSS),total acid(TA) and vitamin C(VC) in store process have been established by partial least squares(PLS).
    By analyzing the principle of UAV(unmanned air vehicle) flight control system and the function requirement for flight control computer,the hardware platform design method of UAV's flight control system based on the ATmega128 MCU is given.
    Methods Through the questionnaire investigation between implementers and supervisors of injury surveillance, utilizing modern fuzzy multi-attribute group decision making theory, a ranking was given on scheme sets in the frame of fuzzy linguistic value scale based on LWA and HLWA operotors.
    According to the analysis of the test result of the china brick sample in repeatable radionuclides test by Ra-226, Th-232, K-40 in different compareation institution, and based on the regulate advanced by GB/T11743-1989 standard, the paper has given a suspiton of the GB6566-2001 test method and the impropriety of current testing apparatus.
    Using the linear fractional transformation (LFT) for the system model, the controller was designed based on H2/H∞ control by the method of linear matrix inequalities (LMI) for the uncertain parameter and external disturbance in hydraulic servos.
    According to the analysis & summing-up of the RBI technology of America API, bring forward a software model of qualitative evaluating algorithm in equipments risk grade, which based on Oriented-Object technology & database visual modeling technology.
    Based on this result,a simulation for AODV and DSDV routing protocol is implemented. Then the performance of two protocols is analyzed on three aspects:throughput,routing overhead packets,average delay. At last the conclusion is drawn,which shows it is essential to adopt stable movement for simulation of routing protocols.
    This paper proposes the design of network traffic measurement that can analyze the flow ingredients by research on RMON2.The problem about physical network topology discovery and the layout of topology map based on Web are discussed.
    This paper presents a digital image hiding technology based on chaos systems,it permutes images by chaotic system,then hides the multiple images into one image by using iterative blending based on chaotic system.
    In this paper, a new clustering algorithm based on model is proposed, it finds the best fit of the given data to mathematical model by optimizing the fit between the data and model.
    Besides, the two chaotic secure communication systems based on the chaotic model are established. In the systems, speech signals have successfully achieved secure communication. By the dynamic simulated experiments of speech signals’ transmission, the speech secure communication systems’ validity is proved.
    It was used in the numerical simulation of the stability of the mined-out area in a gold mine and as a result,the stress and strain distribution law was found,based on which,a scheme for the mined-out treatment and pillar extraction involving the preservation of 10 m×10 m permanent pillars with 10 m×10 m sectional area and 30 m×30 m between-pillar space was worked out.
    通过FLAC3D程序对某金矿的采空区稳定性进行了数值模拟分析,得出了应力应变的分布规律,制定了留间距为30 m×30 m,断面为10 m×10 m永久点柱的空区治理与矿柱回采方案。
    This paper analyzes ICU's source code,and design new complex text layout engine based on it.
    An adaptive RTS threshold adjustment algorithm was presented to enable wireless nodes achieve the optimal RTS threshold based on the estimation of packet successful transmitting probability.


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