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    This paper, after a contrastive study of body writing both home and abroad, argues that Chinese literary criticism in 90's, due to its indigenous experience and poetic tradition, misunderstood and distorted the writing theory of ecriture feminine, advanced by the feminism theorist, Helene Cixous.
    That invites the danger of peeping driven by male's estrous desire and also takes the main responsibility for body writing falling prey to the commercialization in 90's.
    Based on the reflection of literary criticism's definition of body writing in 90's, this paper holds that literary criticism in 90's ignored the Utopian tendency of western body writing theory, overstated the universal adaptability of this theory as a strategy to women emancipation, which obscured the truth of female writing's succumbing to consumption-driven culture.
    This paper explores thoroughly the predicament of body writing, reveals that the misunderstanding of 90's literary criticism is originated first from the deviation in the understanding of western feminine literary theory, and then related to the particular culture background of body worship among the 90's intellectuals.
    This thesis is divided into three chapters:The 1st chapter, Anti-feminism Symptoms during Feminine Writing, The object discussed includes novels based on feminist standpoint and novels with the characteristics of "body writing".
    Chi zijian break through material writing and"body writing" of women 's double suppress, Pay close attention to the people development of new period with a kind of prominent folk position that human nature is kind.
    Among the western feminist literary criticism, Cixous's body writing theory has the most obvious and the greatest influence on our country and also arouses the most intense contention. The thesis regards this as the emphasis of discussion and combines macro-vision with deep analysis.
    The appearance of the so-called "body writing" in "people of the 1970s", in "beauty writers" and in the "lower part of body" poetry is the extreme development of absolute modern individual liberalism ethic narrative.
    Although the criticism of Body Discourse and the phenomenon of Body Writing is exceeding the proper limits in righting the lack of individual perceptual knowledge in Chinese aesthetics and literature of the 21th century ,they can be regarded as a kind of annotation to Human Literature .
    The body writing as a cutting edge poetry phenomenon was very complicated and couldn't be ignored.
    The introduction part of the thesis briefly introduced rich culture implication of the body and the current situation of research and development of the body writing.
    Body writing is an attractive literary phenomenon that arouses many disputes.
    The following chapter proposes that "body writing" proper is a multifaceted term, exploring the description of diet, the experience of diseases, death and so on and the reason for the popularity of sex writing, etc.
    The fourth part probes into the influence of traditional culture on body writing and the final part the relation between body writing
    第四,分析传统文化对身体写作的影响。 第五,分析身体写作与消费社会的关系。
    In the history of Chinese contemporary literature, sex narration", which was disguised in the writing of revolutionary feeling" and class friendship" for the first 30 years, then developed into the sex enlightenment writing" in the 80s, and evolved into female body writing" and lust writing" in the 90s, underwent the two stages of deconstruction against holiness" and elucidation and restoration".
    在中国当代文学史上 ,从前 30年中被打扮成“革命感情”、“阶级友谊”到 80年代的“性启蒙” ,再到 90年代商业经济背景下的女性身体写作与欲望写作 ,“性叙事”的生成与发展经历了一个“消解神圣”与“除蔽还原”的过程。
    And finally, it is important that female consciousness should break away from body writing.
    Under the influence of the theories of Flued, Roge and Dreda, western feminist theory of "body writing" is brought forth in the fashion of the poetic group of confession.
    The theory of "body writing" is the significant course of China's "individualized writing" in 1990s. "Individualized writing" is the production of the joining forces of these: western feminist theory, American poetic campaign of confession group, Chinese contemporary reality of social culture and literature, the writer's individual experience and certain features of Chinese literary tradition.
    This has helped to provide a new perspective for the construction of peripheral poetics in terms of "peripheral narrative","body writing" and "feminist novel".
    从这一关系入手 ,梳理诸如“边缘叙事”、“身体写作”、“女性小说”等概念 ,可以为边缘诗学的建构提供一个视点
    There have been heated discussions on “body writing” in the realm of literary criticism in recent years.


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