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    Methods The rat corneal alkali burn model was establishedand theexpression of MMP 1 and TIMP 1 was studied by immunohistochemistry.
    方法 建立大鼠角膜碱烧伤模型 ,应用免疫组化方法检测MMP -1及TIMP -1在碱烧伤后不同时期角膜内的表达。
    A total of 63 burn model SD rats were randomly divided into 3 groups:①group A(n=21) treated with HEMA-collagen antibiotic sustained release membrane; ②group B(n=21) treated with silver sulfadiazine paste and ③group C(n=21,control group) without treatment.
    Methods Corneal alkali burn model was made in 15 New Zealand white rabbits that were divided into chitosan treatment group (right eyes) and control group (left eyes).
    Third, the right hind limbs of the rabbits of the experimental group were subjected to 10000V,77 ~ 95mA charge of alternative electric current for 5 seconds, which was the method of duplicating high tension electrical burn model;
    对实验组家兔的右下肢使用专用的变压和调压实验设备,以1万伏额定电压,77~95mA的电流及通电5秒的方法制作单侧后肢高压电烧伤模型,并采用开窗法制作左侧下肢远端深筋膜微循环观测窗; 对照组采用假电的方法即除电烧伤因素以外,以同样的方法制作左侧下肢远端深筋膜微循环观测窗,进行微循环观测。
    MethodsExperiments were conducted on both eyes of rabbits( n =36)using an alkaline burn model of 10% NaOH with 10 s exposure time. The doses of proteases(lekozim,alkaline proteases)were established. ResultsThe research showed that with the aid of proteolitical ferments it is possible to remove necrotic corneal layers and prepare the cornea for lamellar keratoplasty.
    方法 实验兔 36只 ,用 10 %NaOH造成兔角膜烧伤模型 ,早期应用水解蛋白酶冲洗除去表层坏死组织后 ,即行板层角膜移植。
    Methods Immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization methods were used in partial thickness burn model to detect the proteins of c fos and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and bFGF mRNA expression in normal and burn rat skin at 3 h, 6 h, 1 d, 3 d, 7 d and 14 d post injury in a partial thickness burn model. The effects of c fos antibody and exogenous bFGF on these quota were also investigated.
    方法 利用大鼠深Ⅱ度烧伤模型 3 6只 ,采用免疫组织化学和原位杂交方法检测c fos、增殖细胞核抗原 (PCNA)蛋白及碱性成纤维细胞生长因子 (bFGF)mRNA在创面组织中的表达 ,并观察使用外源性c fos单克隆抗体及bFGF后二者表达的变化规律及其对烫伤修复的影响。
    Methods Corneal alkali burn model of New Zealand white rabbits was made. The rabbits were divided into fresh amnion transplantation group (fAMT),preserved amnion transplantation group (pAMT) and control group (C).
    方法 以 48只新西兰大白兔制作角膜碱烧伤模型 ,2 4h后设立新鲜羊膜移植组、保存羊膜移植组和对照组。
    The results also showed that both the amount of IL 1 produced by macrophages and the level of IL 1 in serum in the mice in the burn model group were obviously increased, while they were markedly decreased in the mice in the QD treating group, which suggests that QD can both resist infection and promote immunity.
    对恢复烧伤小鼠腹腔巨噬细胞吞噬功能和提高T、B淋巴细胞的增殖活性有显著作用。 烧伤模型组小鼠巨噬细胞产生白细胞介素 1(IL - 1)的量和血清中IL - 1含量均有明显升高 ,而治疗组IL -1的含量明显降低 ,说明清营汤具有抗感染和提高免疫力的双重功效。
    MethodsEighteen Wistar white rats(body weight 200~250g) were divided into six groups. Three rats in each group were made into corneal alkaline burn model by 0.5mol·L-1 sodium hydroxide solution.
    方法  Wistar大鼠 1 8只 ,随机分为 6组 ,每组 3只 ,其中 1眼为碱烧伤模型 ,另 1眼为自身对照眼。
    Methods After the alkali burn model in vitro was established successfully, some techniques such as the observation of cell culture and morphology, ICC and image analysis were used.
    方法 在建立体外碱烧伤模型的基础上 ,采用细胞培养和形态学观察、ICC法以及图像分析等技术。
    Methods After the degree Ⅱ deep burn model rabbit was established, dynamic changes of NO in the wound tissue within 5 days after burn and the effect of acupuncture at bilateral "Zusanli" (ST 36) on NO contents were observed.
    Methods The corneal alkali burn model was established in vivo, then immunocytochemistry (ICC) and RTPCR were mainly performed to determine VEGF expression in different intervals.
    Methods Deep second degrees burn model was made in rat,staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aenuginosa was inoculated on rat trauma,and effects to promote the healing of burn trauma and anti-bacillus in vivo was observed.
    方法采用大鼠深Ⅱ°烧伤模型,创面接种金黄色葡萄球菌和铜绿假单胞菌2 h后,应用春雨烧伤膏、湿润烧伤膏,观察其对创面的促进愈合作用和在体抑菌作用,并进行病理组织学检查。
    METHODS The experiment was carried out at the Animal Laboratory of the First Clinical Medical College of Harbin Medical University and at the Loemia Laboratory of Harbin Veterinary Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences from March 2005 and September 2005. ①To establish rabbit corneal alkali burn model .
    方法:本实验于2005-03/2005-09在哈尔滨医科大学第一临床医学院动物实验室及中国农业科学院哈尔滨兽医研究所疫病实验室完成。 ①建立兔角膜碱烧伤模型
    Methods: Twenty healthy rabbits without eye disease were selected,and the corneal alkali burn model of the rabbit right eye was prepared by using 2 mol/L NaOH solution to burn the cornea for 60 seconds and then rinsing it for 2 minutes with 0.9% Sodium Chloride.
    方法:选择健康新西兰大白兔20只(40眼),经麻醉后,用直径9mm圆形滤纸浸透2mm o l/L氢氧化钠,贴附于兔右眼角膜中央区,制作碱烧伤模型


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