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    Motivated by the need for the effective modeling and optimization of hybrid system,a type of hybrid Petri nets model called general hybrid Petri nets(GHPNs) is defined.
    A new particle filter algorithm called unscented particle filter(UPF) algorithm was given based on the analysis of each algorithm's characteristic and the combination of PF's and UKF's advantages,and it was applied to GPS/DR integrated navigation system.
    A new norm which is equivalent to the Orlicz norm and the Luxemburg norm is introduced in Orlicz space. It is called generalized Orlicz norm.
    This paper considers the problem of outlier detection in data stream, proposes a new metric called weighted frequent pattern outlier factor for categorical data streams, and presents a novel fast outlier detection algorithm named FODFP-Stream (fast outlier detection for high dimensional categorical data streams based on frequent pattern).
    提出类别属性数据流数据离群度量加权频繁模式离群因子(weighted frequent pattern outlier factor,简称WFPOF),并在此基础上给出一种快速数据流离群点检测算法FODFP-Stream(fast outlier detection for high dimensional categorical data streams based on frequent pattern).
    Brief Introductionto ANew Type of Dam Called Face Plate Cementing Rockfill Dam
    However, the ability of IE-CEC for separationof neutral compounds is poor, therefore, a new mode of CEC, so called CEC withdynamically modified stationary phase (DMS-CEC), was developed.
    4) Based on the matrix theory and the constraint condition of the Z transformation,a rapid and effective algorithm of ambiguity decorrelation is provided. This algorithm is called OSD (ordering screen decorrelation).
    4) 基于矩阵理论和Z变换的约束条件,提出了一种性能优越的模糊度去相关算法排序筛选去相关算法(Ordering Screen DecorrelationOSD)。
    Fujian and Taiwan culture, so called Mintai culture, is a Rind of regional culture which is created by Fujian and Taiwan's people with Mindialet as a main barrier.
    This paper also- introduces our works on implementation a router switch, called KDS50. using ISP and Pipe model.
    This paper presents an e-Science Grid architecture called as Virtual and Dynamic Hierarchical Architecture (VDHA).
    本文提出了一个可扩展的、基于语义的e-Science体系结构虚拟动态分层体系结构(Virtual and Dynamic Hierarchical Architecture,VDHA)。
    Cytotoxic lymphocytes (CTL) adhered to HLA-1 molecular through CD8+ molecular in the cell surface, and TCR recognized above T cell epitope. Such kind CTL was called HBV antigens specific cytotoxic lymphocytes.
    CTL通过表面的CD8~+分子与HLAⅠ类分子产生粘附,并由TCR识别上述寡肽表位,此类CTL即为HBV抗原特异性CTL(HBV antigens specific cytotoxic lymphocytes,HBV sCTL)。
    and 4 efficacious constituents revealed by 4 HPLC peaks - X27, X31, X38 and X52- were recognized and statistically inferred at the significance level a<0.1 %. Such a chromatogram may be called distinctive chromatogram and used to identify aloe sample.
    Then we proposed a grid-based architecture for networked manufacturing system by integrate the grid architecture and networked manufacturing system's architecture, we called it as manufacturing grid architecture.
    (2) It proposes a new Semantic Web service model called OWL-S+ by enriching OWL-S with the expression power of users' preferences.
    Third, the ideas of lightweight formal methods are extended and applied to modeling the formal security policy model (FSPM) of secure operating system. A lightweight Z-based specification and verification method for FSPM called LFSV (Lightweight Formal Specification and Verification) is proposed. In this method, theformal specification and verification are performed with succinct and unitary formal techniques.
    第三,对轻量级形式化方法的核心思想进行了发展,将其应用到安全系统的FSPM规格说明和验证中,提出了一种轻量级的基于Z语言的安全操作系统FSPM规格说明及验证方法LFSV(Lightweight Formal Specification and Verification)。
    Secondly, A UML profile for framework modeling based on the extensionmechanisms of UML was defined, called Framework Profile, which customizes UML for the straightforward modeling of framework hot-spots and design patterns. The semantics of the Framework Profile was formalized using the Object Constraint Language (OCL) to facilitate its understanding by the framework developers.
    其次,基于UML的扩展机制定义一个满足面向对象框架特征建模的UMLprofileFramework Profile,使UML更好地支持框架“热点”的建模和设计模式的直观表示,并用OMG的对象约束语言(OCL)对Framework Profile的语义进行形式化描述,便于框架开发人员的正确理解和使用。
    In the present study, we characterized the complete open reading frames of the newly cloned HMW glutenin genes D~tx1.5 and D~ty10 using the new restricted enzyme based method called restricted deletion method (RDM).
    Integrating intelligent prosthesis and biped robot study, a new-style robot, biped robot with heterogeneous legs (BRHL) that is composed of a leg of normal biped robot, called artificial leg (AL), and an intelligent bionic leg (IBL), a kind of advanced intelligent prosthesis, is proposed.
    本文将智能仿生腿和双腿行走机器人集成起来研究,提出一种新型机器人研究模式异构双腿行走机器人(Biped Robot with Heterogeneous Legs, BRHL)。 其中一条腿采用普通行走机器人模式,称为人工腿;
    Because this kind of material combines TiO_2 nanoparticles(20nm) and eutectic salt solution, it is called "Phase Change Nanocomposites for Cool Storage ".
    Class 1 Hbs had different affinities and dissociation kinetics of oxygen and was called stress-induced hemoglobin, which could be induced by hypoxic stress and excessive nitrogenous nutrition (Dordas et al., 2003) .
    另一类血红蛋白1(class 1)的氧结合特性完全不同于共生的血红蛋白,表达受低氧胁迫和过量氮营养的诱导,因此也称之为压力诱导的血红蛋白(Dordas et al.,2003)。


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