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    The Inter-party Relations in Theory and Practice by the Three-generation Leading Groups of Central Authorities
    Innovation and Inspiration on Central Authorities' Rural Policy Since Reformation and Opening-up
    P2P lead network calculate mode from concentrate type inclinable to distributed type, so that the core of network application spread from central authorities server to terminal device, which always locate on the edge of network.
    The national population and family planning committee worked out the strategic policy of advancing population and family planning comprehensive reform in 2000. In 2002, the central authorities clearly proposed re the comprehensive reform of family planning work: management in accordance with law,villager's autonomy,policy promotion, good service, comprehensive administration". In the past few years, some experiences have been accumulated and some problems have been concurred, the countermeasures to which have been worked out in the practice of family planning comprehensive reform.
    As a large agricultural country,rural areas have always been the major issues bearing on the national economy in China. The central authorities' policy concerning the rural areas has a great impact to both the developments of rural areas and the whole society.
    Since the beginning of the reformation and opening-up,the increasingly innovation of the central authorities' rural policy could always bring on the profound changes of China's rural areas.
    The Dvelopment and the Innovation of DENG Xiao-ping's Theory about Market Economy by the Third Generation of Leading Collectives of the Central Authorities
    Comparison of Ruling Principles Among the Top Leaders of Central Authorities of Our Party in Three Terms
    In general,Reform carried by central authorities makes one's country rich and builds up its military power.
    In the late 1920s the Central Authorities of the Soviet (Bolshevik) Party launched a campaign to criticize Bukharin "Right" Opportunism, and spread it through the Comintern to communist parties in other countries.
    From central authorities to locality, has made a series of agricultural regulation clauses, its content concerns all respects of agricultural production, levy collection, water conservancy build, field residence transaction, insect pest manage.
    With the deep development of western regions, the transportation construction is regarded as the most important thing in the development of western regions by the central authorities, and will be invested 700 billion yuan to improve the western highway network and to solve the badly driving condition and the low level of attainability.
    In March of 2002, at the fifth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress, Premier Zhu points out in" Government Work Report", " pursue the reform of monopoly trade, break trade monopolized, form the appropriate competition", these words have indicated that the central authorities are to pursue the resolution of reform of monopolized trade.
    The main characteristic of public policy legislation is that the power elite inside the government is controlling public policy, and that the central authorities' policy is authoritative and unified.
    On the exploitation and management of Hainan Island, during the different history stage, the central authorities of imperial court had their own specific characteristic on the policies and laws.
    The central authorities certainly will touch the economic benefits of all area at the time of adjusting the industrial structure and balanced industry's overall arrangement. The local government is often carrying on the activity of playing chess with central government and other local governments richly of all kinds in order to safeguard the local interest of every area.
    From 1998 to 2003, central authorities continuously convened six Rural Working Conference, and didn't change the aim that increases peasant income.
    On the other hand, with the central authorities' strategies of all-round development of west China, great increase in economy of provinces in western part of China will remain in a certain period of time.
    The local tax system is one of the important contents of the system of tax allocations. Its main purpose is to make central authorities and relation of ownership of property of the locality in order, and has produced the good result in the concrete practices of a lot of countries.


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