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    First of all, on the basis of finding out the function , type , characteristic of practice teaching of domestic and international professorship conscientiously, the paper summarizes teaching goal , teaching mode , realize way , teaching material construction , teachers team and current situation and issue of respect of appraising etc in our country practical teaching.
    It was inevitable outcome of Karl Marx's critical adoption and integration to German Classical Philosophy especially to Hegel's philosophy, Feuerbach's philosophy and the outstanding achievements of Classical Politics Economics with his characteristic of Practice Materialism.
    We have presented in this paper three methods of model tests to combine the characteristics of practice problems and data probably provided and have also used these tests to solve the problems in engineering.
    According to international standard of the manual programming codes, the system software is developed with the characteristics of manmachine interactivity in Borland C++ for Windows, it includes in the monitoring program, interpolation program, control algorithm and driving program. The system software has been successfully applied in the experiments of numerical control contouring and servo character, it has the characteristics of practice and universal, and it is also easy to develop further more.
    该系统软件是以 Borland C+ + For W indow s 编程的多功能界面的人机交互软件,依据国际标准手工编程代码开发的,包含系统监控、插补算法、控制算法等许多模块,已成功应用于数控轨迹控制实验以及伺服特性实验,具有很强的可移植性、通用性及实用性,并易于进行二次开发。
    Thirdly,it emphasizes that we must construct the socialism with distinctive Chinese features through practice and it has the characteristic of practice.
    其三 ,它强调在实践中建设有中国特色的社会主义 ,具有实践性的特征 ;
    Political work has its own independent character, and the periods should be divided according to the development of theory characteristic of practice .
    Thus the article reveals the idea that Deng Xiao-ping's creative mode of thinking on opening and reform, and even the whole Deng Xiao-ping's theory is the product that Marxism is associated with Chinese characteristics of practice & times, and the theoretic achievement of the second historic leap.
    Liu Xie completed the criticism of noumenal meaning, full of a strong sense of cultural duty, and characteristic of practice oriented culture and speculation.
    刘勰所完成的是中国文学的本体意义批评 ,体现了强烈的文化责任感 ,具有实践致用型文化的特点和思辨性质。
    In the multiple analysis of practice activities,Marx thoroughlyexplained that the essential characteristic of practice was variability in the unity of its critical quality and creativity.
    在对实践活动的多重分析中 ,深入地说明了实践之批判性和创造性相统一的变革性的根本特征 ;
    The characteristic of practice is a basic feature of Marxist philosophy. And the concept of practice is central to Marxian thought.
    实践性是马克思主义哲学的基本特征之一 ,实践概念是马克思思想中的一个核心概念。
    Its characteristics of practice,cooperation,opening,immediate feedback and compatibleness make it a good means for primary and secondary school teachers:it's suitable for those who have accepted relaxed professional trainings on educational research;
    其实践性、合作性、开放性、及时反馈性和兼容性特点决定了它较适合于没有接受过严格教育实验训练的我国中小学教师使用 ;
    Three Representings persists in the theoretical marrow of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and developing with time, advocates the essentical characteristic of practice, reflects the new appliance of Marxsim socialistic development and new realm of people's historical dialectics, reclaims the method of social association, system and dialectic as well as dynamic analysis and embodies the organic whole of scientific theory.
    The Practice-based teacher training has abundant implication, which mainly contains these three aspects; based on teaching practice, conducted during teaching practices and used for teaching practices with the characteristics of practice, reflection, subjectivity and openness.
    According to the optimum curriculum system of electronics and information engineering in our school, essential characteristics of practice teaching, which affect the quality of persons ability in higher education presently are discussed firstly in this paper, then how to form the system of practice teaching is proposed, meanwhile the methods how to carry out are given.
    根据我校电子信息工程专业的课程体系的设置与整体优化 ,分析了影响当前高校人才培养质量的实践教学环节的基本特点 ,对实践教学体系的构建进行了阐述 ,并提供了实践教学的实施方案
    Originated from the Common Law, the System of Expectation Breach embodies the specific legal rules characteristic of practice-attachment and positive thinking of the Common Law,and the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods finds some of its elements absorbed from this system, but there exist some differences between them. The paper points out that the International Commercial Law results from the overlapping balanced factors of the international politics, economy and law.
    The technical knowledge has the characteristics of practice, comprehension and materialization.
    The training of engineering quality is the keystone of engineering teaching, which has an outstanding characteristic of practice and operation.
    工程素质的培养是工程类专业教学的核心 ,具有很强的实践性和可操作性。
    It is of great significance for normalization of social order to understand the normalization characteristic of practice.
    认识到实践的规范性品格 ,对于实现社会秩序的规范化亦有着重要的现实意义。
    The characteristic of practice necessarily require us to persist in advancing with the times and force practice to develop continually.
    实践的这种特性必然要求我们坚持与时俱进,不断推动实 践向前发展。
    IC card water-instrument takes the technology of radio frequency indentification(RFID) as center technology and takes the SCM as controller, it has characteristics of practice, convenience and reliability and has wide application.


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