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    Analysis of the historical development of experimental nursing studies in Chinese Mainland
    The Relations between Overseas Trade and Direct Investment towards Chinese Mainland
    A Comparative Study on Chinese Mainland's and HKSAR'S Legal Interpretation System
    On the Protection for the Intellectual Property by the Criminal Law in the Chinese Mainland
    Conflict and Solution on Inheritance Act Between Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong
    A Comparative Study Between Penal Code of Chinese Mainland and Forfeit of Macao Penal Code
    On the Evolution of Trade and Economy Relationship of Chinese Mainland with Hong Kong
    This paper analyses the development process of industrial transfer from Hong Kong to Chinese mainland. It has discussed Hong Kong carry out the influence that industrial transfer develops for the economy of two places to Chinese mainland, And in current world industrial development new situation take off, Two places face cooperative strategy as well as the way of thinking of the industrial transfer of Hong Kong.
    From last century in 80 decade, China carries out the policy of reforming and opening up to the outside world since, The economic exchange of two places recover is close, Through two places from 1978 until 2003 years mass data collect, Exist side by side , foot is analysed in Hong Kong and two Chinese mainland roles Hong Kong shifts to Chinese inland estate develop tendency and its influence.
    More and more Chinese mainland enterprises begin to go after being listed on the stock markets overseas with the view to building more direct and faster financing channel and taking part in international competition and communication, a lot of concomitant legal issues have arisen.
    Real estate market in Chinese mainland has developed rapidly since 1990s. Real estate markets in some regions have already obtained the basic conditions to develop REITs.
    In support of Hong Kong's rapid economic development, Mainland and Hong Kong signed "CEPA" (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Hongkong and the Chinese mainland) to create an economic circle, and promote the common economical development of Hong Kong and the Mainland.
    Since 1978 Chinese mainland has implemented the reforming and opening up, whichprovided a brand-new environment for the development of the relationship among both sidesof the Taiwan strait and Hong Kong and Macau in the fields of economy.
    The paper analyzes the causes of listed companies’credit risk, takes Chinese mainland listed companies as research objects, and regards special treatment as a signal of credit crisis. It chooses variables with independent sample t test,and takes component analysis based on the chosen variables, then makes credit risk predictions and assessments using discriminate analysis model and logistic model.
    Compared with Chinese Mainland's legal interpretation system, how HKSAR's was born and was sep arated from UK in 1997 and was developed is analyzed to prove what attitude shou ld be shown towards the turn of Hong Kong's legal system after Hong Kong returni ng home.
    通过对中国内地和香港法律解释体制的比较 ,分析如何从九七回归以前香港和内地不同的法律解释体制中协调产生出香港新的法律解释体制 ,并藉此说明对于回归以后香港法制的变化所应持有的态度。
    Analysing the actuality and the law applicable nowadays between Chinese Mainland, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan in the legislation and practice of the inter\|territory law conflicting in the encroachment with the right of personality, combining it with other countries' successful examples of solving such problems. the authors put forward their opinions on how to solve the inter\|territory law conflicing in encroachment with the right of personality in China.
    试从中国内地、香港、澳门、台湾四法域之间关于侵犯人格权方面立法及实践的区际法律冲突的现状及目前所适用法律进行分析 ,并结合国际上解决区际法律冲突较为成功的国家实例 ,对如何解决中国人格权侵权领域的区际法律冲突提出几点浅见
    Protection on the intellectual property by criminal penalties in Chinese mainland is determined by the criminal law as a guaranty, the justice--one of the values of criminal law and WTO rules.
    By the end of1970s,communication was introduced to Chinese mainland.
    The Western Sichuan Strengthened Monitoring Region on Earthquake is one of the earthquake strengthenedmonitoring regions that are planning to be built first on the Chinese mainland.
    Penal information system in Chinese mainland is initiated in the early 1980's.


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