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    A Study of the Limitation of Malvern Laser Droplet Paticle Sizers by Classical Scattering Theory
    A Classical Integrable Neumann System and the Nonlinearization of the Lax Pair for Classical Boussinesq Hierarchy
    Cu(L)2 forms a classical complex with N2O2 donor, it is in monoclinic system with space group C2 and cell dimensions: a=3.699 6 nm, b=1.083 5 nm, c=1.285 6 nm, α=90 °, β=103.36 °,γ=90 °. The effects of organic solvents of various polarities on the UV-vis spectrometric spectra of ligand and complexes were investigated.
    The popular TDE algorithms mainly include the classical generalized cross correlation(GCC),the adaptive least mean square(LMS),the subspace based eigenvalue decomposition(EVD)and the acoustic transfer functions ratio(ATF-s ratio) methods,etc.
    现有的TDE算法主要包括经典的广义互相关(GCC)方法、自适应最小均方(LMS)方法、基于子空间的特征值分解(EVD)方法和基于传递函数比(ATF-s ratio)的方法等。
    After the of study of the apriori algorithm in classical association rules,a date mining algorithm like spriori is proposed to analyse the pages frequently accessed by students,as it could provide useful information for the network course designers and teachers to solve the information confusion problems among students in network learning.
    Based on the generalized likelihood ratio test function-multiresolution likelihood ratio is defined,which cumulates the differences of background and targets at different multiresolution of Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) imagery,we present that classical mixture model is proposed and applied to estimate the parameters of multiresolution likelihood ratio.
    考虑定义在多分辨四叉树上的广义多分辨似然比,该似然比刻画并且累积SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar)图像中目标与背景在不同分辨率上的差异,从而增大了目标与背景之间的区分度。 提出一种SAR图像无监督分割算法,利用经典的混合模型方法分别估计出广义多分辨似然比中一组密度函数的参数。
    0-1 knapsack problems and knapsack problems are a classical NP hard problems.
    The theoretical analyses showed that in this mixed gas of low O2 and high CO2 concentration and the saturated output current of oxygen sensor fitted the classical theory formula at low voltage.
    The findings from the classical IPPT,FM100HT,and NCACVT methods were statistically compared.
    This paper proposes a data fuzzy clustering algorithm named aiFCM, based on the aiNet which is a classical network model in the artificial immune system. It offers the flow of the algorithm and proves its validity by some experiments.
    For general nonlinear control systems, it is well-known that the differential geometry method is a type of classical method to realize local stabilization.
    众所周知,对于一般非线性系统的控制。 微分几何法是实现局部镇定的经典的方法.
    This structural feature is different from Hb and Mb that have a classical pentacoordinate heme with flexible binding site for gaseous ligands such as O2, CO, and NO.
    We took the research object of one actual network forum in this paper, used classical Apriori algorithm of association rules mining technique, researched latent action rules of network forum from large-scale database, improved mining efficiency infinitely by mending mining flow and embedded data analysis, got valuable mining result.
    本文以实际论坛为研究对象, 采用关联规则挖掘技术中经典的Apriori算法,对从大规模数据库中发现网络论坛的潜在行为规律进行研究,通过改进挖掘流程和深入的数据分析,提高挖掘效率,获取有价值的挖掘结果。
    The difference of traveling to solve the classical 0/1 knapsack problem with ant colony algorithm. Salesman problem and the 0/1 knapsack problem are comparede. The ant colony optimization (ACO) model applications are expanded and the parameters are modified accordingly.
    Complete Characterization of Extreme Graphs of Classical Holladay-Verga Theorem
    Clinical analysis of 32 cases of recurrent inguinal hernia treated by classical herniorrhaphy
    A Classical Piano Piece for Children
    A Classical Grope of Popular Literature in Modern Context
    Comparative to classical optical images matching algorithm, main improvement lies in despeckling and geometrical and radiation correct in matching window.
    Among them, the most classical ones are Newton's method of two order convergence, Chebyshev's method of convergence order of three, Halley's method of convergence order of three, Newton's convex acceleration (or super-Halley) iteration method;


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