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    The relevant improvement methods were put forward to the sampling of coal in the automobile vehicle against the actual problems during the application of GB 475-1996 Sampling for Commercial Coal.
    针对GB 475—1996《商品煤样采取方法》汽车煤采样方法在实际运用中存在的问题,提出了相应的改进方法。
    Mixed Coal Distinguishing Standard for Commercial Coals
    Several noticeable problems in commercial coal sampling
    The quick determination of ash yield of commercial coal in Aiyou Mine
    Discussion on checking of mechanical sampling equipment of commercial coal
    Reason analysis of deviation in sampling and preparation of commercial coal
    Assuring the precision of commercial coal sampling to improve qualification rate of batch coal inspection
    确保商品煤采样精密度 提高批煤抽查合格率
    Imagination for shortening the ash measure time of commercial coal in Huolinhe
    it not merely could improve the intense situation of commercial energy resource of vast rural areas and enhance the availability of biomass in rural,but also was in favor of reforming current energy production and consumption structure,and still help to reduce the polution of atmosphere and improve the environment.
    Catalytic Prehydrogenation tests of decrystallized anthracene oil used as an initial solvent for coal liquefaction were carried out with commercial catalysts of No. 3665, No. 3761, No.
    The purpose of this chapter is to verify the preliminary conclusions drawn in the preceding parts of this work and to investigate the possibility of establishing regular test methods for predicting the lubricity of commercial diesel fuels.
    DeVeloped by Changsha Institute of Mining Research,a brief introduction toand the technical review for ModeI LRZ-2 continuous emulsification and automatic pro-duction line of emulsion explosive, including production flow-process,equipment arrange-ment and automatic control system,is made. This production line can achieve the high-effi-ciency continuous emulsification and the automatic control of commercial emusion explo-sive production.
    简要介绍长沙矿山研究院LRZ-2型乳化炸药连续。 自动生产线的生产工艺流程、设备配置及自动控制系统,并给予技术评价,该生产线可以实现高效连续乳化并自动控制生产商品乳化炸药。
    The result of catalytic hydrogenation of FT wax was reported The best catalyst was obtained which was proved to be much better than conventional commercial hydrogenation catalysts Corresponding optimum hydrogenation conditions were obtained as well
    The rigorous model has been formed a commercial software, PetroFRAC in AspenPlus.
    The key that whether the compressed natural gas (CNG) used as vehicle fuel could meet the requirements of a vehicle in use is dehydration on the promise that sulfur content and heating value of the natural gas accord with the set indexes of commercial natural gas.
    The effects of commercial ZDDP on the friction and wear properties of MoDDP were studied, showing that there are some results as follows while ZDDP was combined with MoDDP:(1) synergizing MoDDP′s antiwear and friction reducing properties;
    研究了商品二烷基二硫代磷酸锌(ZDDP)对二烷基二硫代磷酸硫化氧钼(MoDDP)摩擦磨损性能的影响。 结果表明:MoDDP具有一定的抗磨减摩作用,与ZDDP复配后对其抗磨减摩性能有增效作用;
    This paper makes the proposals for sour gas sweetening technology of Changqing gas field that want to remove not only H_2S deeply but also CO_2 in bulk for meeting the commercial gas specification. The proposals include the sweetening solution,absorber tray type,the solution concentration,and acid gas loading as well.
    针对长庆气田含硫天然气既要深度脱除H2 S、又要大量脱除CO2 才能符合商品气质量要求的特点 ,对其脱硫工艺技术中采用的脱硫溶液、吸收塔塔板型式、溶液浓度和酸气负荷提出几点建议。
    The implementation, existing problems and their solving methods of t he national standard of“the Distinguishing Method for Commercial Coals with Ref lectance Distribution Diagram”are described in the paper.
    文中介绍了《商品煤反射率分布图的判别方法》国家标准的实施情况、存在的问题 及解决问题的方法。
    An additive of CWM was prepared by combining the SFP waste liquor or sulfonated alkali lignin with surfactants,and its properties were compared with those of commercial additives. Test results showed that the composite of SFP waste liquor and nonionic surfactant B(NLSY-1)had favorable adaptability to the coal from Datong,and gave CWM fuel lower viscosity,better fluidity and stability.
    Studies the coal quality targets for lean clean coal in Taiyuan coal preparation plant,by industry testing single pattern coal,the suitability evaluation of lean clean coal was shown when used on coking,puts forward the quality control aims of each Xishan commercial coal in future.
    通过对太选瘦精煤的理化性质及工艺性能进行研究 ,结合单种煤的工业试验 ,得出太选瘦精煤在炼焦用途时的适应性评价 ,同时提出了西山各商品煤今后的质量控制目标 ,以使矿区瘦煤资源能够合理开发、有效利用


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