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    The following characteristics of FIDIC conditions, such as complete content, reasonable structure, precise logics, clear procedure and prevailing applicability, compose of partial method of standardized management for International Engineering Project.
    Theory basis of valent analysis method about Ⅴ (Ⅳ-Ⅲ ) Fe ( Ⅲ - Ⅱ ) and Ti ( Ⅳ-Ⅲ ) complete system is approached and complete content of several valent states is determined by oxide-reduce titration, and every valent element's content is obtained by dealing with results.
    So to study on the problem of the appraising on the morality of the college students, and to establish the moral apprasing system of containing complete content and variable subjects ,appraising the students more scientifically and more reasonablly,have a, deeply and important meaning on promoting the students fully development on morality ,wisdom and physical ability, on promoting scientific factor on the work of the university on culvitating moral quality, and on promoting the quality of cultiviating the talents.
    The reason is that a knowledge base with sound structure and complete content directly influences the inference speed and the validity of result in Expert Systems.
    As a comprehensive expression of law in all Chinese ancient law, The Tang Code possess skillful legislative technique and complete content which have terribly representative regulation on bribery crime.
    The complete content as follows:Chapter1: This chapter introduces the existing problem in the classical cryptography, the origin and development of quantum cryptography, and current research status.
    The medical image fusion technology, as a branch of data fusion, could utilize the redundant information to improve the signal-to-noise ratio so that giving a more reliable result as well as to fuse the reciprocal information in order to obtain a composite image with more detail and complete content.
    医学图像融合技术作为数据融合的一个分支,可以利用不同医学图像之间冗余信息改善图像信噪比,从而获得更为可靠的融合结果。 同时,利用互补信息可使获得的融合图像包含更丰富的细节及更全面的信息。
    In the enterprise fund management complete content, transport business fund accounts for the enterprise fund in the quantity the proportion very in a big way, at the same time transport business fund is the enterprise daily fluidity biggest, the change is quickest and revolving the strongest fund, therefore the enterprise certain time fund profit level height mainly is decided by its transport business fund management level height.
    The deep implications and complete content of creation of enterprise image of geological prospecting units are described in the article.
    breakthrough of the traditional pattern of taking knowledge as the sole target of research, and revelation of the complete content of human knowledge through the cognition, evaluation and appreciation of the true, the good and the beautiful;
    突破把知识作为唯一研究对象的传统模式 ,在真善美的认知、评价和审美中揭示人类认识的完整内容 ;
    In the past,we took it for granted that relative excess population caused by capital accumulation was the complete content of Marx′s theory on unemployment.
    过去我们把资本积累引起相对过剩人口 ,看作是马克思对资本主义失业的唯一解释。
    Content filtering in network security is a new subject. This paper founds a complete content filtering model and implements the content filtering model in WWW proxy of TIS.
    The essay classifies the complete content of science and technology history in Xijing Zaji as well as analyzes and discusses the account of machinery and physics in the work.
    This device has comparatively complete content of control, which works reliably and can be applied in large or medium-sized hospital, and particularly be applicable to the infection section sickroom.
    The author has undertaken a preliminary study on the main contents in an evaluation system of digital libraries through large quantities of investigations, puts forward a fairly complete content and c oncepts of an evaluation system, including resource content evaluation, standard evaluation, technical evaluation, service evaluation, legal evaluation, and eff iciency evaluation.
    In this article, we take the cyclamate detection as example,in which cyclamate is detection by the UV spectrophotometry at 314nm after derivation with hypochlorous acid to discuss the method and approach to computer the uncertainty and the complete content consisted in the final report.


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