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    Laws:Complex Dynamic Network Systems
    Application of research produce of similarity theory can study complex phenomena by simple model experiment.
    On the basis of the analysis of the motivation and the principle of metasynthesis from qualitative to quantitative, the relationship between metasynthesis and decision making is discussed, and the research of metasynthesis is supposed to be beyond the limit of decision making and decision making systems However, it should be regarded and utilized as a new methodology of science innovation In terms of so many complex key decision making problems, an approach to a metasynthetic decision making system is proposed based on the theory of metasynthetic engineering
    在探索“从定性到定量的综合集成法”提出的动机与基本原理的基础上 ,讨论了综合集成与决策之间的关系 ,认为从定性到定量的综合集成体系的研究不能局限于决策与决策支持系统 ,而应将其视为科学创新的方法论 面对当前众多复杂的重大决策问题 ,应以综合集成理论作为决策研究的指导 ,建立综合集成型决策支持系统
    Because Grey System Theory is an efficient tool for problems which lack enough information or have uncertain condition, it is used in this research report to analyze the problem of Indoor air quality, a complex problem with many uncertain conditions.
    灰色系统理论是用来解决信息不完全、不确定的问题的方法。 室内空气品质问题是一个复杂的问题,存在很多不确定性的条件,因此本文尝试用灰色系统理论来解决室内空气品质问题。
    However, the changes of the nature and the society, the endless of the realizing course, which lead to the road in which scholars research multi-attributes and multi-levels complex systems of huge scale is not smooth.
    With high-speed development of space technology, information technology and industrial manufacturing technology, the control theory is required to deal with the more complex problems of control of system, and offer more effective control strategy to them.
    Along with the development of science and technology, the system will becomes increasingly complex, and large the gray degree manifested in the system, which requires us to resolve more and more practical problems. Gray decision-making theory confronts a new opportunity for development, meanwhile the investigation of the theory and the method of multi - attribute decision-making of the complex system will also have an important practical significance.
    These three spectacular concepts play a key role in recent study and development of complex network theory, they and some other properties influenced by them reveal the explicit ordered facts behind complex phenomena.
    To test and verify the universal knowledge (which is called universal judgment in the form of thinking) is a complex dialectical process full of contradictions. This process involves not noly the deepening of cognition from the general to the particular and from the abstraction to the concrete, but also the leap from the theory to the practice.
    It is necessary to point out that the systems discussed in this paper may be very complex, including series system, parallel system, series-parallel system and system formed by models with different distribution characteristics.
    A decentralized and centralized target character is separated by applying decoupling theory and state sectioning decision. It is a method similar to the design of one-sided decoupling system and multiple degree-of-freedom system. For satisfying the processes governed by the principle of dynamic programming and their system designs, the separation from a complex multivariable system into several cascade simple systems is explained in tail.
    To support dccision makers obtaining satisfactory decisions,decision support systems(DSS) have been thoroughly studied.Facing complex systems,first and foremost, DSSs should assist decision makers by describing and imitating the real world problems with models.In this paper,we discuss the methodology of complex systems modeling, and investigate the method of graph-based modeling support.A graph-based modeling support systern has been developed under the Windows environment on a micro-computer.
    面对复杂的系统,DSS首先需要支持决策者用模型来描述、模拟现实世界的问题。 本文探讨了复杂系统建模的方法,对基于图形的建模支持方法进行了研究,并在微机上实现了一个Windows环境下的基于图形的建模支持系统。
    But showing the complex social system with a constant structure is very rough.
    In this paper, according to their logic forms, complex engineering systems are transformed into a hierarchical multi level form, each level consists of some subsystems, each subsystem is controlled by its upper system and controls its lower subsystems. Considering the construction cost as coordination parameter, reliability as decomposition parameter, the decomposition coordination method for global optimization design is given.
    There exists complex nonlinear structure in economic system.
    Theories of information economics and multiagent system are adopted as analysis frame for this paper, with Swarm as the simulation tool. Swarm is a software package for multiagent simulation of complex systems being developed at the Santa Fe Institute, which has been a useful tool for researchers in a variety of disciplines, especially artificial life. In this paper we use it to describe agents' selection, competition, and adaptive behaviors in resource shortage, and the evolution of institutions as a whole.
    以信息经济学和多agent系统理论为分析框架,借助美国Santa Fe Institute 开发的仿真工具Sw arm ,研究了短缺经济下个体的选择、竞争与适应行为,以及制度的进化过程.研究表明,简单的个体适应行为可以产生复杂的整体效果;
    Results of the decision making are relatively reasonable and objective. Therefore, the theoretical model and method proposed in the paper may present a new way to solve complex multiattribute decision making problems with incomplete information.
    通过具体实例说明该方法是可行、有效的 ,决策结果相对比较合理、客观 ,可为解决复杂的不完全信息多属性决策问题提供一条新途径
    Grey forecast is one of the most important parts of Grey system theory, which needs to do plenty of complex math operation and increases the difficulty of dealing with datum.
    灰色系统在上个世纪八十年代首次提出后已经得到了广泛的应用,对社会、经济各领域作出了极大的贡献. 灰色预测是灰色系统理论的重要组成部分,但由于其建模时需要进行大量复杂的数学运算,增加了数据处理的难度.
    This paper from the view of systematic philosophy to makes a thorough construction for technology and technological system from the aspect of complex theory. It also analyzes its main features,holding the view that technological system is a complex system which is characterized by the basic structure and features.
    Innovation is a kind of complex social systemic engineering which must relates to the value.


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