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    Novel Methods for High-Dimensional Complex Patterns Recognition
    They were roughly divided into four categories according to the morphology: linear pattern 8%(5/60),reticular pattern 3%(2/60),plexiform pattern 3%(2/60),and complex pattern 5%(3/60). The occurrence of the anterior communicating arterial fenestration was not correlated with the fetal age in all groups(χ2=1.134,P>0.05).
    Numerical Analysis of the Resonant Property of the Stripline Electrode with Complex Pattern
    Tumor suppression induced by TNF is close dependent and a complete tumor eradication must not be accompanied by systemic toxic side effects. A complex pattern of tumor infiltrating cells has been observed in TNF producing tumors, consisting of macrophages, CD4+ and CD8~(+)T cells. For efficient tumor inhibition maccophages and CD8~(+)T cells are needed,whereas CD4~(+)T cells seem to be innocent bystander cells.
    MTT assay indicated that the treatment of HUVECs with cilostazol (1- 30 μmol·L -1 ) for 24 h affected cell availability in a complex pattern.
    MTT法测定结果显示 ,西洛他唑作用于HUVECs 2 4h ,低浓度(1μmol·L-1)可显著改善细胞生长状态 ;
    In this paper,the problems associated with complex pattern recognition and multi-classification are addressed and a tree-structured Support Vector Machine (TSSVM) with confusion cross is presented.
    Micro-(Nano-)Fabrication Techniques for Three Dimensional Complex Patterns──Their Common Difficulties and Solutions
    A Kind of Current Mode Hamming Neural Network to Classify Complex Pattern
    Topology-preserving map of complex patterns group and its application
    Design and study on processing high precision and complex pattern faced cutting tools
    3-D Reconstruction Method of Slim and Complex Patterns
    Thus, the method that can map the complex patterns from the high-dimensional space to the lower-dimensional space or that can model non-linear problem showed particular importance in the field of the chemical pattern recognition.
    另一方面,由于对物性检测手段的现代化和多样化,在维数增大的同时,各自变量间的相关性也更为复杂。 随着模式维数和复杂性的增加,各种降维映射方法和关联自变量与因变量的建模方法被引入模式识别领域,并越来越显示出它们的重要性,这也就是本文的研究重点。
    Detail of linear stability analysis, numerical simulations and their consistencies are presented. A new type of complex pattern is obtained when Turing and Hopf bifurcation are both existed.
    The signals that take human function information are always mixed through a complex pattern. However, in order to analyze the physiology signal source and diagnose diseases, the clinicians desire almost acquire signal non-invasively and conveniently.
    Altitudinal gradients impose heterogeneous environmental conditions, such as rugged topography, a complex pattern of vegetation and flowering delay, and they likely furthermore markedly affect the morphological and genetic variation pattern of a species.
    Since more fractional orders are involved in it, anamorphic FC can be used in more complex pattern recognition.
    BP-ANN and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) coupled with BP-ANN were applied in the recognition of Fufang Gancao Pian manufactured in six factories, more than 90% of the samples were clustered without error, which indicates strong capability of neural network in complex pattern recognition.
    The technology of face recognition is one of the most interesting research directions for its wide application. The human face is a complex pattern.
    The following findings are obtained: (1) subjects' development of English prepositional senses follows a very complex pattern, varies with the tasks the subjects perform;
    Off-line Handwritten Chinese Characters Recognition(OHCCR) is always a complex pattern recognition problem.


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