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    An Overview of the Virtual ManufacTuring Technology Tased on the Computer IT and NT
    A Research on the Teaching Design of Basic Computer IT Course
    Following PC and Internet, Web services technology has brought the third revolution of the computer IT technology.
    继PC和Internet之后,Web services技术带来了计算机IT技术的第三次革命。
    The paper introduces the technological process of three segments steam-passed system and the control system formed by two level computer- It states detaily the configuration principle of STD industrial control computer and the methods of measuring and controlling the main parameters.
    The Influence of Computer IT on the Sport Periodicals
    With the rapid development of the Virtual Reality technology and the imagine manipulation capacity of the computer it has become possible to apply the Virtual Reality technology into manufacturing fields.
    Through the real-time control of computer it can positioned quickly and accurately.
    4. The communication between the system main controller and up-computer:it communicated serially between the system master controller and up-computer.
    This paper presents a method of a power transformer protection by digital computer It designs an "All-Zero" filter which is firstused to transformer differential protection with higher processing precision and fewer amounts of calculation.
    本文叙述了用计算机实现变压器保护的方法。 文中设计了一种全零点滤波器并首次将它应用于变压器差动保护。
    PSCNT 1.3 is an IC simulation program developed on micro-computer:It runs faster,requests smaller memeory,and has reliable convergenec.
    Calculation of the instantaneous heat performance on windshield surface is the important content of design of hot gas anti fogging and defogging system. On the basis of analyzing the heat exchange mechanism of windshield anti fog and defogging, calculating model of instantaneous heat performance on windshield surface has been built and using computer it is solved by difference method. The difference between calculated results and experimental results is limited with 5%.
    With the help of a computer it is convenient to apply this method.
    Abstract A new prime order cyclic graph with 97 vertices were structured. By computer it was verified that in the graph contains neither first color 3-point clique K3 nor second color 3-point clique K3 nor third color 10-point clique K10 So a new lower bound of classical Ramsey number is obtained:R(3,3,10)≥98
    本文构造了一个97个顶点的素数阶循环图,通过计算机验证了这个图中既没有第1色的3点团,也没有第2色的3点团,也没有第3色的10点团。 从而得到了一个经典三色Ramsey数的新下界:R(3,3,10)≥98.
    A new prime order cyclic graph with 107 vertices was structured. By computer it was verified that the graph contains neither first color 3 point clique K 3, nor second color 3 point clique K 3,and nor third color 11 point clique K 11 . So a new lower bound of classical Ramsey number was obtained:R(3,3,11)≥108.
    The intersection method of vertical bisectors of two chords is provided to locate the centre of a smallest regional circle quickly and accurately when calculating the circular error with computer It has been proved theoretically,and the formula has been derived The procedures of evaluting the smallest regional circle is also given Experimental results show that there are no principle error and approaching error as well It is quick in operating and easy in programing
    The stimulus signals are usually used in the systems of measurement, especially are used in the systems of the flexible measurement A programmable stimulus signal modular which can generate multi wave shapes is reviewed in this paper The modular is constructed using a chip of MAX038, a chip of DAC0832, a chip of 8253 and the micro computer It can generate the wave shapes of triangle wave, sine wave as well as square wave in the frequency range of 10 to 12Mhz, and its duty factor can be modified in the range of 15% to 85% The modulation of frequency is controlled through using the method of negative feedback, and its precision is very high
    在测量系统中经常要用到激励信号,特别是在柔性测量系统中。 本文论述了一种用MAX038、DAC0832及8253和单片机构成的可编程的数字调频多波形激励信号发生器,可在10~12MHz内生成所需要的三角波、正弦波和方波,其占空比在15%至85%内可调,频率调制采用负反馈控制,精确度较高。
    The ground water movement is complicated, changeable and nonlinear Through discussion on the differential equations which represent the regularity of ground water movement, solution of hydrogeological parameter is obtained only by combinating numerical solution method with computer It is the most accurate and efficacious
    本文通过反映不同类型地下水运动规律的微分方程的讨论,得出地下水的运动是复杂多变的,基本属于非线性问题。 其水文地质参数的求解,只有采用数值解法和电子计算机结合的途径,才是最准确、最有效的方法。
    According to the requirement of most industry accuracy, a low cost, large visual field matrix CCD instrument for micro measurement is developed, by making the best of the CCD technology and the image processing ability of computer It can be applied in detecting of the optical component When the linear visual field is 10mm, the height and lateral resolution of the system are λ/8 and 12 9μm respectively, the accuracy can be at 1μm All of these can meet the requirement of general industrial detection completely
    充分利用 CCD技术和计算机的图像处理能力 ,在满足大多工业精度要求的前提下 ,研制成了一种低成本、大视场的 CCD显微测量仪 ,用于光学元件的检测。 当线视场为 10 mm时 ,该系统的横向分辨率可达 12 .9μm,精度可达1μm,纵向分辨率可达λ/8,足以满足一般工业检测的需要
    What's more, with the use of the computer it will improve the ability of comprehensive processing and composite quality of the students.
    This article introduces the system of monitoring an d controlling on infusio n for coal seam by controlling of a board micro-computer It can monitor and co ntrol the flow of many infusion holes, improve using effect of infusion for coal seam , and bring great convenience to management of infusion for coal seam
    介绍单片机控制的井下煤层注水监测监控系统 ,可对多个注水孔流量进行监测和控制 ,改善了煤层注水防尘的效果 ,并给煤层注水管理带来了很大方便。


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