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    Therefore,for the sound and consistent development of the adult higher education,it is basic and ensurable to strengthen the reformation and optimization of the external system environment,to buld up the laws and rules of the adult higher education,to reconstruct behavior of government under the frame of market economy and law system,to straighten out the management system of the adult higher education,to cultivate and build up social mediate-institutions,and to quicken the reformation and development of the factors of market.
    The benefit of green production to the consistent development of enterprises——a discussion about the application of cleaner production to the enterprises in Guangxi
    As the most active and robust producing factors, human resources are basic forces that tap and utilize natural resources, create and accumulate material wealth, and improve consistent development of national economy and social reforms.
    作为最积极最活跃的生产要素,人力资源是开发利用自然资源,创造积累物质财富,促进国民经济持续发展及社会变革的基本力量。 随着社会经济的发展,人的作用越来越重要,在现代社会中各种竞争和挑战归根到底都是人才的竞争和挑战。
    Aiming at its consistent development, the paper researches on the evolution of innovative capability of Technological SME from the angle of its growth.
    With the consistent development of technology, sustained growth of economy, integration of global economy and formation of global information network, the mode of supply chain management has emerged as the times required.
    This essay starts with development of compensation for damages for non-pecuniary loss in breach of contract, and reveals consistent development of that and society .
    “Green technology”is a new concept appearing with the environmental problems and thus has become an important part of the theory of consistent development.
    On the Cognition and Significance of the Leap from “Science Not Taking a Single Cent”to “Scientific Value Store”——A Study from Economic Philosophy on the Consistent Development of Science and Technology and Economy
    The Mining Environmental Mechanics and Consistent Development of Coal Mining Industry
    Brief Analyses About Consistent Development Between China Stainless Steel Industry and Ferro-alloy Industry
    The author thinks the consistent development between law and society should be the core line alone with Chinese legal system reform.
    Chapter two explores the ways to keep the consistent development between the law and society during the construction of the socialist legal family.
    The Chapter points out, for the purpose of consistent development between the law and society, it is necessary to define the administrative power reasonably, i.e., sufficiently making use of its role for social development as well as effectively controlling its possible abuse.
    文章提出了在行政权控制领域实现法律与社会有机统一,从类型化控制方式中摆脱出来的具体建议。 第四章研究了司法过程与社会发展的关系问题,提出司法制度必须满足独立、开放与能动三项要求才能使司法过程与社会发展保持同步。
    Chapter four is focused on the relationships between the judicial process and social development, and insists that an independent, open and creative judiciary is the condition to keep the consistent development between the law and the society.
    第五章研究了与开放的法律制度相适应的法律教育的基本特征,提出当代法律教育的基本目标是实现法律实践训练与法律理论学习的结合,法律知识教育与普通常识教育的结合。 只有了解法律实践,才能超越书本上的法律规定,深入到社会生活之中;
    Second, this research has divided the course (from A. D. to tenth century) of the Indian monks arriving at Chinese region into three stages to investigate, based on the consistent development characteristics of the society and Buddhism of China and India;
    As for spiritual civilization, the fourth chapter defines it as the great spiritual momentum guaranteeing the consistent development of socialism.
    第四章分析了社会主义发展动力要素一精神文明。 社会主义精神文明是推动社会主义发展的强大的精神动力。
    Technological Innovation capability, which enables sustainable technology innovations, is vital for the high-tech enterprises depending on the "new generation" technology to achieve consistent development and sustainable prosperity.
    It is universally acknowledged that with 20 years of reform and opening-up and consistent development China has achieved enormously and Chinese society has changed greatly.
    In terms of the all-round way development of human beings, it refers to the tree and hamionious development of all die abilities of integrated human beings, the combination of mental work and physical labour, the consistent development of their ability and physical power.
    The subject of the thesis is the Consistent Development and Innovation Research on Channels in Hunan TV. It's based on the nation-wide influence of Hunan TV as well as my personal experiences in Broadcasting and TV media.


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