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    incoalation appears on the certain position of base level cycle and the consistent development of peat swamp needs the equilibrium between admissible space and sediment compensation.
    The computer assisted auditing system based the advanced theory and high technique system is more and more perfect with the consistent development of computer technique. Auditing needs CPA solve a large amount of half-structural and non-structural decision problems. The characteristic of auditing determines that perfect auditing software must be DSS.
    To ensure the consistent development of our nonwoven industry, we shall speed up technical innovation and go along more complicated road to push towards centralized economy.
    为保证我国非织造布工业的持续发展 ,必须加速技术进步的步伐 ,走内涵发展之路 ,推进向集约型经济增长方式的转变。
    This dissertation first of all expounds and proves the theoretical basis concerning imposing ecological tax, pointing out the inherent relationship between ecological protection and economy social consistent development, and analysing theoretically the harmful effect upon ecology from external negative effect, with the purpose of a theoretical prerequisite of turning the external cost into internal one.
    本文首先论证了开征生态税的理论基础。 指出生态保护与经济社会可持续发展的内在联系 ,并从理论上分析了外部负效应对生态产生的不良影响 ,为实行外部成本内在化提供了理论前提。
    The consistent development of this legal tradition in the contemporary west is depending on the plural political powers framework at length.
    A moral education operator should take the opportunity to meet the challenges, reform and innovate the education ideas and methods, develop the connotation of moral education, purify the moral educational environment, construct the college moral education mode with characteristics of modern science and technology, and strengthen the training of moral education teachers, in order to promote the steady and consistent development of college moral education in the new era and create a new situation.
    作为德育工作者应把握机遇 ,主动迎接挑战 ,改革和创新教育观念和教育方法 ,拓展德育的内涵 ,净化高校的德育环境 ,建构现代科技型的高校德育模式 ,加强德育师资队伍建设 ,以促进新时期高校德育的稳定和持续发展 ,努力开创高校德育工作的新局面
    the consistent development of a company is not only a old question but also a new one。
    This essay probes into such aspects as course arrangement, teaching mode and the system of teaching evaluation in constructing the system of military sports in commending military academies, according to the methods of questionnaire investigation, experimental teaching and data collection. It aims to explore suitable teaching mode of military sports for our commending military academies, undergos the course design scientifically and reasonably and constructs the standard system of teaching evaluation in order to promote the consistent development of military sports teaching in our commanding military academies.
    We should follow the principle of consistent development between enviroment, resource and ecosystem.
    This article introduces various changes of our development zone after achieving environmental man-agement system certification, and explains its promotion on consistent development of environment and economyin our development zone,which enhance the management of every functional insititutes and their mutual coopera-tion, meanwhile atrengthen environmental recognition of the staffs.
    本文通过介绍秦皇岛经济技术开发区进行环境管理体系认证后发生的种种变化,阐述了区域环境管理体系认证给秦皇岛经济开发区带来的巨大变化。 开展区域环境管理体系认证的好处主要体现在:提高了区域竞争力和招商引资的条件;
    System innovations are an objective requirement of human society in its consistent development.
    Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the aims of moral education, influence upon the students in universities, find out the ways of moral education at I-time, so as to promote the steady and consistent development of university moral education in the new era and create a new situation.
    为此 ,有必要在重新阐释当代高校德育目标和分析网络对高校德育影响的基础上 ,探讨和寻找网络环境下的高校德育工作的途径 ,以促进新时期高校德育的稳定和持续发展 ,开创当代高校德育工作的新局面。
    In power market,how to evade risk and insure cost callback in a high profit and price fluctuating market for the sake of consistent development,is deeply concerned by the power plant.
    在电力市场机制下 ,如何在电能量交易中规避风险、确保生产成本的回收 ,以利于企业持续发展 ,是电力公司极为关切的问题。
    In view of the external economy of the western agriculture, a state compensation legal system should be set up according to the law. The compensation should be made in accordance to the principles of consistent development, take law as the yardstick, and efficiency and fairness principle.
    针对西部农业明显的外部经济性 ,应当依法创建国家补偿法律制度 ,依照可持续发展原则、依法补偿原则和效率与公平兼顾且侧重于公平的原则加以补偿。
    The legislation of social security in the future of China should regard the weak group as the protective object, the protection of right of existence as the core idea, the social joint liability as the practical mechanism and the coordination and consistent development of the economy and society as the value orientation.
    It is necessary for us to realize the importance of the human resources development in order to establish the consistent development strategy in China in the intellectual times. This present paper analyzes the problems existing in the current situation of the Chinese human resources development, and suggests that the strategy of human resources development should be both in accordance with the international standards and adaptive to the competition of the international economy.
    However, great risks still hide behind the consistent development of the cultural industry. To break the bottleneck in the reform and development of the cultural industry, we must further system innovation and structural innovation.
    但文化产业持续发展背后仍潜藏着巨大危机 ,要突破妨碍中国文化产业改革发展的瓶颈 ,必须进一步深化制度创新和体制创新
    The concept of green management, proposed in the 1990's, has been under consistent development, supplementation and perfection, and it is now generally regarded as an important direction of the management theory development of the 21st century.
    Ecological politics becomes an important measure and ultimate way to solve the current global environmental problems and ecological crisis,and to promote the coordination and consistent development of politics,economy,sociology,culture and ecological environment. It must be a new trend and the choice of politics development in future.
    This radical and active socialism school takes"green ideoloty" as his theory fulcrum, and puts forward a series of tactics that contain views of the times, and becomes the buide of the theory of consistent development, and possesses the distinct meaning of the times.


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