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    Optimal conditions of MAE of triterpene glucoside were determined as: duration of microwave radiation 5min, microwave power 495W, size of raw material less than 0.15mm, and ratio of liquid to solid 30:1. Comparing with conventional heating extraction, MAE of triterpene glucoside from Siraitia grosvenorii showed advantages of less time and high extraction rate.
    The time used with MAE is only 5 min with 76.56% extraction rate, while the conventional extraction method took two hours with about 68.46% extraction rate. This novel method is suitable for fast extraction of triterpene glucoside from Siraitia grosvenorii.
    The Ge27In8S65 chalcogenide glasses were prepared by the conventional melt-quenching technique.
    Compared with the conventional mushroom-like EBG structure,the area of the novel EBG structure is reduced by about 40% of the latter.
    The composites of(La0.7Ca0.3MnO3)1-x(MgAl2O4)x(x represents the volume fraction)were synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction method.
    This method is fast with high accuracy and resolution compared with conventional method.
    Compared with the conventional evaluation methods,the test efficiency of the new method enhances thirty-five times when detecting the 45° angle error of Lyot depolarizer. And the 45° angle error which can be detected is less than 0.01°.
    Simulation results show that about a 1 to 1.5 dB gain in terms of SNR (signal to noise ratio) can be achieved over frequency-selective fading channels compared to conventional LDPC coded OFDM systems without ordering, and the proposed scheme is robust to CSI quantization.
    分析和仿真结果表明,相对于传统的无排序LDPC码编码OFDM系统,所提出的基于自适应排序LDPC码的OFDM系统可以获得1 ~1.5dB的性能增益,并且对CSI的量化具有鲁棒性.
    The bleached pulp can meet with making a kind of intermediate and low degree cultural paper. And the H2O2 bleaching can be used as the substitute for the conventional CEH process because the pollution load reduced significantly when the pulp was bleached with H2O2.
    (Na0.51K0.44Li0.05)Nb0.92Ta0.08O3 and sintering aid Na5.4Cu1.3Sb10O29 were prepared by conventional oxide solid solution technique.
    The female consciousness of Wei Hui's novels lies in the strengthening of women's independence,the demolishing of the pattern of conventional love and the applying the tactics of the body language.
    For the control group of 52 cases,the length of inserted tube reached 45~55 cm,with conventional nasal feeding.
    对照组52例,按传统的胃管置入方法,长度为45~55 cm。
    Simulation results show the the FTP of the proposed model is superior to that of the conventional diagnosis model based on BP-NN and GA-NN,which prove its feasibility.
    The main disadvantage of the matrix converter is the voltage transfer ratio is limited to 0.866,as sinusoidal input/output currents,compared with conventional voltage source inverter.
    A Ag electroless plating process of glass fibre is employed with replacing the conventional PdCl2 activator by AgNO3 to reduce the cost of the process.
    A novel red phosphor α-Gd2(MoO4)3∶Eu was synthesized by conventional solid state reaction method with the starting materials: Gd2O3, MoO3 and Eu2O3. The effects of flux and Eu concentration on the crystal structure, morphology and luminescent properties of the phosphors were investigated.
    Then the intensive education group was carried out the intensive education, and the control group carried out the conventional healthy education.
    By using the flux method,the(TbYbBi)3Fe5O12 single crystals were grown. By employing the(TbYbBi)3Fe5O12 crystal instead of the conventional nonmagnetic Gd3Ga5O12 crystal as substrate,the(TbBi)3GaXFe5-XO12 film were cultivated by means of LPE method.
    A new charge-transfer hybrid of Keggin structure(C5H10NH2)4SiMo12O40 has been synthesized using conventional methods and characterized by elemental analyses,UV and IR spectrum.
    New progress and application of nonlinear acoustics in recent years were reviewed,and four aspects were emphasized:(1) nonlinear parameter B/A determination: besides conventional methods,the new methods for the determination were introduced in belief,also the measurements of the solid nonlinear coefficient.
    文章介绍了非线性声学的发展过程及其近年来在有关领域中新的进展和应用,着重从以下四方面对非线性参数的测量和非线性声学的应用作了详述:(1)非线性参数B/A的特征及其测量方法。 除了介绍传统的测量方法外,也简要介绍了近几年来出现的新方法。


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