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    On a Consideration of Establishing an Early Warning Mechanism of Coordinating Labor Relations
    Coordinating the Relationship between Towns and Villages in Building New Rural Areas
    He new viewpoint of the Trade Union for coordinating the labor - capital relationship
    Role of Women's Federation in the Mechanism of Coordinating Public Interests
    Whether the rural culture is prosperous not only involves the overall quality of the rural residents, the quality of the spiritual life and the rural civilization, but also influences the sustainable coordinating development of the rural economy and society, and the all-around construction of the Well-off Society.
    Thanks to the western social conflict theory, governance theory and comprehensive urban theory, the article finally come up with a practical method managing the conflict through the relevant experiences of western countries, that is, strengthen government's responsibility by lowering the conflict inducements of system, while coordinating the relationship at the same time.
    Under the system of market economy, the trade union organization has played an increasingly important role in defending the workers' interest and coordinating labor relations.
    In order to play an inherent role of the trade unions in newly-built enterprises, the trade unions must standardize organizations, adhere to and perfect the systems of the workers' congress and equal consultation and collective contract The trade unions also establish and perfect an effective mechanism of protecting the workers' legitimate rights and interests and coordinating labor relations in order to protect the workers' legitimate rights and interests to a maximum limit
    为了发挥新建企业工会应有的作用 ,必须从组织上加以规范 ,必须坚持和完善职工代表大会制度、平等协商和集体合同制度 ,建立健全维护职工合法权益和协调劳动关系的有效机制 ,最大限度地维护广大职工的合法权益。
    After its set up in March 1919,the Communist International played a positive role in various aspects such as helping to found the Communist Parties, directing revolution and coordinating proletarian revolutionary activities in other countries, thus greatly advancing the proletarian revolution all over the world.
    共产国际自 1919年 3月成立以来 ,在帮助各国共产党的建立 ,指导各国革命以及协调各国无产阶级的革命行动等方面发挥了积极的作用 ,从而大大地推进了无产阶级世界革命的进程。
    The goals of strengthening the construction of mental civilization in the countryside and improving the level of its development must be accomplished:1)making definite the importance of constructing mental civilization in the countryside, while coordinating the relation between material and mental civilization;
    加强农村精神文明建设 ,提高农村精神文明建设的发展水平 ,必须 :( 1 )明确农村精神文明建设的地位 ,协调好农村物质文明建设与精神文明建设的关系 ;
    2)always holding in mind the contents of constructing mental civilization in the countryside, while coordinating the relation between construction of ideology and virtues and that of education, science and culture;
    ( 2 )把握农村精神文明建设的内容 ,协调好农村精神文明建设中的思想道德建设与教育科学文化建设的关系 ;
    3)well organizing various forces devoted to the construction of mental civilization in the countryside, while coordinating the relation between leaders and the masses.
    ( 3)组织农村精神文明建设的力量 ,协调好农村精神文明建设中的干部领导与群众参与的关系。
    In terms of theory, the cut in point of coordinating the relation of the two things should be that evaluating by the villagers and answering for the villagers.
    从理论上讲 ,协调二者关系的切入点是 :由村民评价 ,对村民负责。
    We must adhere to and develop a mechanism of safeguarding workers' political rights that take the workers' congress system as a main body, build and perfect a coordinating mechanism of equal consultation and collective contracts that are basic interests of workers and staff members.
    建立和完善以平等协商集体合同制度为根本的维护职工经济利益的协调机制; 健全和拓展以企务公开为载体的维护职工知情权和参与权的监督机制;
    The trade union organizations should draw on the experience of the basic theories from the study type of organizations, we should take the study type of work as one important cut-in point for creating and establishing the socialist harmonious society, we should bring forth the thought, strengthen the force of cohesion, arouse the internal vitality, play a big role in the course of coordinating the social economic contradictions and the contradictions existing in the labor relationship.
    Coordinating industrial relations and safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of workers and staff members by the Chinese trade unions are an important point of realizing a spanning development and building a harmonious enterprise. We should perfect various mechanisms and build new industrial relations in enterprises that has a regular,rational,harmonious,stable and win-win situation.
    Exploring and grasping a coordinating skill between trade unions and the Party committees,masses groups and union members have an important actual meaning.
    The service-ability among primary organizations of Women's Federation includes leading ability,carrying-out ability,human resources management ability and communicating and coordinating ability.
    Clearing trade unions status of the system of labour contracts has an important meaning for strengthening and perfecting trade unions' duties in this system,giving full play to trade unions role of safeguarding laborers' legitimate rights and interests,coordinating industrial relations,realizing and a target of building harmonious industrial relations and society.
    "Organize workers and fight for labor rights" as a basic principle of coordinating industrial relations goes without saying to become guidelines of trade union work and trade unions' historical mission in the course of socialist market economy.


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