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    Based on the analysis of the frequent error types in STL data model,corresponding methods of automatic correction for each kind of error proposed is put forward,and a software system in Visual C++6.0 to automatically correct the errors above put forward is developed.
    在分析STL模型常见错误的基础上,提出了相应的自动诊断和修复的方法,基于Visual C++6.0研制开发了STL模型自动修复的软件系统。
    Extensive Application of Using Cyclic Redundancy Check Code to Correct the Error in Wireless Transmission
    How to Differentiate and Correct the Error of Measurement and Gross Error
    Material work done is as follows:As the output of FOG is angle rate and that of quartz accelerometer is acceleration, this paper studies updating methods of attitude and velocity of the system, and selects better methods to correct the error of corning and sculling.
    That is teachers should adopt effective methods to correct the errors and make use of the feedback to adjust teaching method and content according to the weakness and difficulties of the learners.
    In this paper,We prove that every open k—multipl(k—to—one) mapfrom T_2 space X onto space Y is a Locally homeomorphic map and give acounterexample to show that the condition T_2 cannot be substituted by T_1.Thus we correct the error of Gittings′ theorem on the inverse image ofM_i—space(i=1,2,3).
    本文证明了:“每一定义在 T_2空间上的 k—重的开映射是局部同胚射”,并以反例指出,如果把条件“T_2”改弱为“T_1”则结论不再成立。 从而纠正了 Gittings 关于 M_i—空间(i=1,2,3)逆象定理的错误。
    A Parameter estimation method is proposed to correct the error.
    The optical experimental results show that the virtual network can efficiently correct the errors of hardware system.
    Due to the adoption of the feedback system to correct the error of compensating light beam's excursion and atmospheric disturbance automatic,the precision has been raised greatly.
    由于采用了反馈系统自动调节补偿光束漂移、大气扰动的误差 ,使精度有了较大提高。
    Quaternion compensation algorithm for attitude correction of SINS is proposed using closed loop Kalman filter (KF) method that can real-time correct the errors of inertial instrument, compensate quaternion, position and velocity.
    SOI waveguides fabricated by wet-etching method are demonstrated. The single mode waveguide and 1×2 3dB MMI splitter are analyzed and designed by three dimensional beam propagation method to correct the error of effective index method and guided mode method.
    用化学湿法腐蚀的方法制作了SOI光波导 ,并且用三维波束传播方法分析和设计了单模波导和 1× 2 3dB多模干涉分束器 ,修正了有效折射率和导模传输方法的误差 .
    For long transmission lines, a factor k is presented to correct the error by tanh γχ≈γχ , and fault location can be accurately obtained by one or two iterative calculations.
    而对长距离输电线 ,则提出一个修正系数来修正 tan hγχ≈γχ的误差 ,通过一欠迭代计算获得准确的故障位置。
    When this formula is used to correct the error,the effect is very clear.
    In this paper,the error is pointed out and the NCEP/NCAR 40a reanalysis dataset is used to correct the error.
    本文指出了分析错误所在,并利用NCEP/NCAR40 a再分析资料,对其作了修正。
    Using Binary Optical Phase Plate to Correct the Error of Interferometer
    Exploring the way to Correct the Error of Interferometer Using Binary Optical Phase Plate and Computer
    Reasons for the gauging errors of internal breathing tanks and keys to correct the errors.
    The object of IASR imaging is the moving target in space. The traditional RDA algorithm is based on the model of micro-motion scatters, but it is not fit for the real target at all. We must adopt some methods to correct the error, which is caused by the model mistermination, and the discussion is mentioned in the paper firstly.
    Retrial procedure is technically designed to correct the errors in the efficient judgements, to protect the legal rights and interests of the litigants, and to maintain the law's solemnity and the court's authority.


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