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    Using Matrix to Figure Random Vector's Correlative Degree
    Finally, the isoenzyme amount after readjustment was positive relative with preservation effects. ( correlative coefficient 0.99, correlative degree 98%)
    (r=0.3339~*) But the r~2 was only 0.1115 which indicated that the correlative degree is not so. high.
    Air-dried seed of rice carried by high space balloon were treated for 8 hours under high space condition of 30~35 km from sea level. The character expression of SP1,SP2 generation and the correlative degree between SP3's individual plant and SP4 generation average value were studied.
    ③ The correlation analysis between Frankle score of spinal cord function and the percentage of occupying area of vertebral canal of injured vertebral body with CT fault image in patients with blow-out thoracolumbar fractures: There were significant correlation between the injured degree of spinal nerves function and the bones occupying in vertebral canal, and the correlative degree with the highest of T12 (r=0.87) and the lowest of L2 (r=0.59).
    CONCLUSION: ① The spinal stenosis formed by bones occupancy in vertebral canal and injury of nerve degree exist correlation in generally, the T12 level has the highest correlative degree and L2 level has the lowest correlative degree.
    The research of teachers’expectation is at its jumping-off point from the laboratory report of the classroom Pygmalion made by Rosenthal and Jacobson in 1968 in Ou Ke primary school, and after that there are respectable study made by educationalist and psychologist, on the domino effect of teachers’expectation and correlative factors, which focus on the domino effect of teachers’expectation to students and the correlative degree, and the influential factors of teachers’expectation, etc….
    教师期望的研究以Rosenthal和Jacobson1968 年在欧克小学所做的“课堂里的皮格马利翁”的实验报告为起点,之后教育学家和心理学家对教师期望的效应及其相关因素做了不少的研究,这些研究主要集中在教师期望对学生学业成绩影响的效果及其两者之间的相关程度、影响教师期望的因素等方面。
    The statistical analysis mainly uses the comparing method, graphing method, statistics law of characteristic value and so on to analyze the sizes of magnitude of physical quantity, variation law, development tendency as well as dependency relation and correlative degree of various kinds of cause quantity and effect quantity.
    First, based on the principle of least-square method, mixed cost was resolved and, fixed cost and unit changeable cost was figured out, and then the correlative degree analysis was made.
    The practicability of measuring the correlative degree of X, Y variates for two-way ordered contingency table by means of Pearson's correlation coefficent, and of using the distribution-free statistic method based on permutation to calculate the exact probability under the ρ=0 null hypothesis is discussed in this paper.
    Thecorrelative relation and the correlative degree amony qrality characters, between qualityand agronomic characters were different.
    Objective To detect the effective way of early diagnosis of leukoplakia carcinogenesis by comparing the correlative degree between various detective methods in angiogenesis and different pathological classification.
    比较白斑癌变进程中几种血管生成检测方法与不同病理分级间的相关程度 ,探寻早期诊断白斑癌变的有效方法。
    The correlative degree of the achievement between each track and field item and the five-all-round general for female from large to small it's 800-metre. long jump. 100-metre hurdle.
    女子田径5项全能成绩与总成绩的相关程度由从大到小依次是800m、跳远、 100m栏、铅球、跳高。
    In this paper, we figure the correlative degree, relevant properties of two random vectors with matrix mode.
    Another conclusion is that the correlative degree of topological structure and folding rate is different with different proteins.
    Methods With retrospective analysis, 3D CISS sequences were performed in 46 cases on a 1.5 T superconductive MR unit. The correlative degree between enlargement of third ventricle and thickness of third ventricle floor and degree of hydrocephalus were analyzed through observation and measure of the MR image.
    The result shows visibility analysis is more sensitive to interpolation methods,the viewsheds resulting from different interpolation methods are different and the correlative degree of viewsheds resulting from Spline and Kriging,Natural Neighbor Interpolation and Triangulated Irregular Network are greatest.
    Support vector regression machines based on the theory of statistical learning have a good generalization performance. However,in regression model if there are features that are not completely relative or even completely irrelative to the problem,the difference of features' correlative degree to the problem becomes large and it may affect the performance of support vector regression machine.
    The activity of glutamine synthetase was negatively correlative with taste meter value, peak viscosity and breakdown at the early stage of grain filling and positively correlative with them at the middle and later stages, moreover, they were positively correlative with protein content of rice grain and setback at the early stage and negatively correlative with them at the middle and later stages, and correlative degree varied with grain filling stage.
    Second, the correlative degree among the three items affects training arrangement and its effect. The coefficient is larger between running and bicycle, between swimming and bicycle, but it is not obvious between swimming and running.


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