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    Hotel taking customers relation management's difficulty and countermeasures
    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a new management mechanism that aims at improving relationship between enterprises and their customers and enhancing customer satisfaction (CS) and loyalty.
    客户关系管理(Customer Relationship Management,CRM)是一种旨在改善企业与客户之间关系,提高客户忠诚度和满意度的新型管理机制。
    On one hand, headquarter clusters in a city offer an abundant space for the development of mod-ern service industry. The headquarters of companies and enterprises are important customers of modern serviceenterprises and the driving force to promote the fast growth of modern service industry.
    North Korea's cartoon customers spread all over North America, Europe and Asia
    朝鲜动漫业兴盛 客户遍及亚欧美
    6. As the frequency distribution of customer satisfaction is more often theconvergence of two or three nearly normal distributions of two or three populations -dissatisfied, satisfied, and extremely satisfied customers, the arithmetic of partial leastsquare for structural equation modeling is presented.
    Some issues must be addressed, such as how to maintain the former customers, how to look for new customers and how to satisfy the customer' s demand, making them faithful to the hotel.
    The key to success for top-grade Chinese restaurant, which has been proved, depends on the satisfaction of customers to the products and services, which restaurants provide, and the efficient supervision of the relationship with customers, which could ensure the content of customers. Maintaining the long-term and good connections with customers could create new advantage of competitions.
    The first part analyzes the domestic hotel industrial structure through reviewing the history of the industry development. The structure includes competition part, suppliers, and customers, replaced products, potential incomers and interactive power. And it points out the main problems in domestic hotel management, and states that strengthening strategic management is a new topic for domestic hotel industry enterprises.
    (6) Identifying and retaining customers are two basic tasks of CRM.
    (7) The loyalty of customers is relative to the perception, satisfaction, trust and shifting cost of customers.
    According to the generic theory of value chain and the specific circumstances of hotel industry, we can generate the specific value chain of hotel enterprises, which is mainly made up of services to the customers, design and development of products, packaging, marketing, CRM and infrastructure, human resource management, technology development and stock management and so on.
    Being an advanced tourist operation model, time sharing tour becomes one of the most important direction of golf courses development as it can increase customers and income and provide more added values to customers by effectively integrating dummy resources of and establishing strategic alliance network among course owners.
    Meanwhile, some successful foreign organizations have quicken their steps to enter this largest and most potential market. But it’s not easy to hold a advantaged position and to furthest keep their customers’satisfaction and loyalty in the hot competition. They have to face many difficult problems in developing continuously.
    Customer Relationship Management,which is the combination of modern marketing theory and information technology, ishelpful for service enterprises to know and meet customers' needs effectively. Through delivering more value to customers, service enterprises can gain customersatisfaction and loyalty.
    3. To analyze in depth the essential drive supporting the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises, to analyze, from the value view of the enterprise starter and the core ideas formation of the new enterprise, how the personal value of the enterprise starter influences the organization value view and plays its role in creating value for customers, and to prove the essential drive supporting the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises is internal core competency rather than external comparative competitive advantage.
    3、对支撑企业长期持续发展的根本动力作深刻剖析,从创业者的价值观到新创企业的核心意识的形成,分析创业者个人价值是如何影响组织价值观,并在为客户创造价值的过程中起作用的。 证明企业持续发展的动力是内部核心竞争力而非外部的比较竞争优势。
    As a typical service business, the development and profit of a hotel comes from the roll-in customers.
    In the era of e-commerce, the information technology revolution has greatly changed our business mode. Especially it has tremendous impact on the interaction between businesses and their customers.
    In such an era, customers have easy access to information and get more involved in the business process.
    The keys to enterprises' success lie in in-depth understanding of customers' needs, getting timely feedbacks from customers, providing customers more personalized and in-depth technology services.
    Based on the successful experience of foreign hotels, we should abide by the following principles: to know what customers think, to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to offer services which cater to customers' individual needs.


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