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    The passive ranging technology of moored depth charge
    Analysis for Efficiency of Depth Charge Weapon System
    Research on the Testing Meter for Rocket Depth Charge Launcher
    Effectiveness and Simulation Analysis for Rocket Depth Charge with Projectiles Defense Against Torpedo's Attack
    On the background of the new rocket depth charge multifunction fuze, the underwater ultrasonic detection technology for fuze is studied. The aim of this dissertation is to accomplish proximity fuze function by adding ultrasonic detection and control module without any modification to the structure of the existing depth charge.
    Considering the case of the multiple rocket depth charge firing in salvoes, the underwater distributional model is established. The simulation result indicates: on the condition that the detection range of the underwater ultrasonic detection system for fuze is 15 m, the adjacent bomb interference probability is 13%.
    The thesis also discusses the probability of intercept the attacking torpedo by utilizing the coalescent of torpedo' locate buoy and rocket depth charge, which found on the trait of vector hydrophone.
    The characters of depth charge system and submarine being analysed, the key factors which effect the anti submarine effieciency are put forward.
    分析了影响深弹反潜效能的主要因素 ,并进行了模拟仿真 ,得到不同工作体制引信的反潜命中率和不同工作体制引信的有效炸点中各级炸点出现概率 ,从而得到了深弹采用不同体制引信反潜的相对效能 .
    The high frequency aperiodic narrow pulse signal has some advantages of high frequency, less energy dissipation, small diffraction phenomenon, good directionality and small volume of transmitter, etc. It applies specially to the composite fuze in the depth charge,
    Now the fire range and fire precision of rocket depth charge has been improved,and it will make the source of the rocket depth charges wasted and affect the hit probability raised if we still use the old fire strategy.
    火箭深弹射程与射击精度提高后 ,如再沿用以固定发射间隔 ,对同一瞄准点齐射的方法对潜射击会造成资源的浪费 ,影响毁伤概率的提高。
    After a terminal-guidance rocket-propelled depth charge sinks in water,it can receive the noise generated by moving targets using an underwater acoustic detection system installed at the head.
    By correlation processing of the received noise, the bearing information relative to the depth charge can be obtained.
    At this time the sinking direction of the depth charge can be adjusted continuously to approach the targets using its steering engine that is installed at the tail.
    When the suspended depth charge is used to explore the torpedo, how to estimate the range of course angle correctly becomes the key point to lay the suspended depth charge accurately, if the distance to the aim can only be estimated by the experience of sonar soldiers.
    This paper brings forward the concept of decision-making datum mark in allusion to the condition that when torpedo information acquired by detect device of the ship is fuzzy during anti-torpedo process. And give the selection method of the decision-making datum mark when the ship adopt evade method or evade and use rocket depth charge during anti-torpedo process.
    In this paper,a new concept of the depth charge with projectiles is put forward from the cargo projectiles used in the ground guns,in order to improve the interception probability of the depth charge. By analyzing the distribution characteristic of projectiles,the effectiveness is compared between the depth charge with rocket and with projectiles and the defense process is simulated by the Monte-Carlo method. Finally,the factors impacting the damage probability of the depth charge with projectiles is analyzed.
    Aiming at the constitution and features of rocket depth charge weapon system, the paper analyzes the operational efficiency of the system by reliability theory and efficiency evaluation theory.


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