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    On the Development State and Detective Countermeasures to Crimes Characteristic of Underworld Society
    Analysis on Economic Development State of Shenyang Chemical Industrial Group
    On Research Development State of Serials in Abroad and Our Country Opposite Tactics
    Approach to Development State of Competitive Level in Chinese Track and Field From 1979-1999
    The Development state and Cultural Structure of Guizhou Minority Literature Creation
    Study into the Development State of Hotel Group
    Writing science will show the development state of digitization, application, internationalization and pluralism under the colliding and permeating of new science theory prevailing in both East and West of the world.
    写作学科在中西方新的科学理论、方法的冲撞和渗透下 ,将呈现出数字化、应用化、国际化的发展态势
    This paper reviewed the present situation of Chinese main forestry products in international trade and analyzed its development state as well as its problems, then worked out 6 strategies for the development of Chinese forestry products in international trade.
    The Development State of World Genetically Modified Crops and China's Countermeasures
    Later the native soil literature appearing a vigorous development state in China native soil literary world, Shen Congwen is one of the representative of those writers that emerges in large numbers in this domain.
    The thesis analyses the development state of manufacturing base with two level, Namely the macroscopic economic environmental analysis and the microcosmic analysis of advantage industry.
    By the end of 2002, real estate industry in our country always presents a good development state.
    Hangzhou City is the capital of Zhejiang Province; the development of urban agriculture in Hangzhou Region began late, but was in good development state.
    However present economic and social synergy development state also results in a few problems, such as coarse increase pattern and environmental deterioration, and sustainable development is just the way to solve the above problems.
    On the basis of strategic theory and industry structure theory, taking weather bureau of Shandong weather service industry (WBMSSI) as the researching object, by studying the strategic rule and development state of weather service industry, brings forward strategic mode and correspondent strategy which are of theoretic value and practical significance. It can provide some practical guidance to the development and practice of the weather technical service of Shandong weather service industry.
    By the end of 2002, real estate industry in our country always presents a good development state.
    According to introducing conception, trait and the development state of tour e-commerce in China, dissected the existent problem, illustrated traditional tourism industy satisfactory combining with web site is the trend, put forward the tour web site in China should depend on traditional industry and speciality, developing satisfactory client relation, developing large e-commerce is the direction.
    This article discusses the development state of mining industry in Yunnan Province and its existing environment problems. Some countermeasures are put forward for exploitation of mineral resources and environmental protection to ensure its sustainable development.
    So its development state and mode must be adapted to the world economy development situation and Northeast Area's characteristics, and be based on the heavy industry with the core of equipment manufacturing and agriculture, and deepen and optimize its development course of industry spatial structure.
    因此,其发展态势与发展模式必须适应世界经济发展的总态势和东北地区的特点。 以装备制造业为核心的重工业和农业为基础,深化和优化其产业空间结构的发展过程。
    Higher education in our country appears the appropriate surpassing development state at present, and most of colleges exist to be in debt condition, and assume the rising tendency. In order to be on guard in the risk brought by obligation and ensure the orderly and quick development of colleges and universities, we should set up the index system on guard the obligation risk in colleges and universities.


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