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    Different Ways In English Teaching Research
    A Comparative Study of Three Different Types of Cloze Test in English Reading Comprehension Tests
    However, due to different emphasis, the three models somewhat differ in aim, value, process, strategy and request for teachers and learners.
    Therefore,in any translation,it is important and essential to study the two different cultures and their impact on the two different languages.
    Chapter one introduces the basic ideas of Krashen’s second language acquisition theories, the concept of comprehensible input, the development of input hypothesis and Krashen’s interpretation of input hypothesis and mainly focuses on the three different views on input in the second language acquisition and criticisms on his input hypothesis.
    作者介绍了克拉申的第二语言习得理论、可理解性输入的概念、语言输入理论的形成、内容及克拉申本人对语言输入理论的解释,重点介绍了语言学界对语言输入在第二语言习得中的所起的三不同的看法以及语言学家们对语言输入理论的评介。 克拉申的第二语言习得理论是一个综合性的理论,包括五个相互联系的理论:习得学得假说;
    To start with, the thesis mainly discusses the reading comprehension, from the definition of reading and reading comprehension to three different reading models.
    There are four different research methods about code-switching at present: (1) sociolinguistic analysis on code-switching, (2) grammar analysis on code-switching, (3) discourse analysis on code-switching, (4) psycholinguistic analysis on code-switching.
    目前对语码转换的研究有四不同研究方法; (1) 语码转换社会语言学研究方法,(2) 语码转换语法研究方法,(3) 语码转换话语研究方法,(4) 语码转换心理语言学研究方法。
    Learner autonomy is influenced by different factors, such as learners’self-efficacy, goal setting, attribution and learning strategies.
    自主学习是学习方式的一,是受不同因素所影响的。 影响自主学习的因素主要包括:学习者自我效能感、目标设置、归因以及学习策略的使用。
    These examples served as good material for us to explore the acquisition of object fronting in two different cultural norms: Chinese culture and English culture.
    62 Chinese freshmen of non -English majors were asked to finish the questionnaire to show their different attitudes towards the different COET methods and they are put in two different classes respectively—College Oral English Teaching on web (the control class) and College Oral English Teaching in Integrated class (the experimental class).
    This cognitive principle mainly refers to spatial metaphor and image-schema transformation. Different senses relate to each other and thus form various meaning chains in the network.
    而这认知法则主要是介词的空间隐喻(spatial metaphor)和图式转移(image-schema transformation),通过这认知法则在语义网络中形成许多的语义链(meaning chain)。
    1.5T Philips Eclipse MRI and NEC Multisync FE 991SB stimulator were used, together with the technique of BOLD, to record cortical reaction of two types of subjects of different learning styles to the two modes of input (visual and auditory) respectively.
    使用1.5特斯拉的Philips Eclipse磁共振和NEC的Multisync FE 991SB刺激器,借助功能磁共振BOLD(血氧水平依赖)技术,记录两不同学习风格的被试(听觉型和视觉型)在大脑皮层对不同模式的输入(听觉输入和视觉输入)的反应。
    Metaphor, as one of figures of speech in English, has forms and types of different kinds.
    In general, several translation methods such as expexegesis, pragmatic extension, linguistic units transformation, ellipsis, and so on are applied to translation of what or what\|clause, while, according to specific conditions, different measures are taken in translation of three special structures of what or what clause:the adverbial clause “what…is to…”,the phrases“what with…and…”and “what with…and what with…”,the idioms and fixed phrases with what.
    对 what及 what从句可采用增词、语用引申、语言单位推移和省略等手法翻译 ,而 what及 what从句的三特殊结构 ,即“what… is to…”方式状语从句 ,“whatwith… and…”或“whatwith… and whatwith…”短语和含有 what的成语或固定词组则应针对不同情况分别处理
    Interlanguage is a language system which is different from L\-1 and L\-2 system.
    过渡语是一既不同于L1 ,也不同于L2 的语言体系。
    In Russian,the first part of one kind of Compound Nouns is noun stem net,the second part is the second line form of nouns such as половина and so on. Linguistists have different opinions about this kind of words.
    在俄语中有一复合名词 ,第一部分为名词词干пол (половина) ,第二部分为名词二格形式。
    Henceforth, on account of the different connotations of "politeness" in the two cultures, the expressions concerned will surely be reflected in the structures of conversations, resulting in the pragmatic differences in the expressions of greetings, farewells and response to compliments as well as invitations.
    2) the properties of how to gain the speech turn biding are also different in the two different conversational styles;
    According to the change of these factors' sequence with different arrangements, three kinds of lesson patterns, straight arrows sequence, boomerang sequence, and patchwork sequence, can be designed and practiced in the classroom.
    根据此三要素的顺序变换和不同组合 ,可以设计三不同的课型 :直线型 (Straight Arrows sequence)、反弹型 (Boomerang sequence)和杂拼型 (Patchwork sequence) ,灵活运用于课堂教学。
    The present paper analyses several different definitions of fossilization, classifies the various attributing factors and summarizes the major research methods employed in the study of fossilization.


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