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    The paper frames the image concept in literary studies into pragmatics and cognizance science and the image "moon" into relevance theory and relevance translation theory, and investigates the different psychological and cultural connotations of the "moon" in China and the in the West.
    This paper proposed the idea of adopting situated teaching in international trade course,analyzing situated teaching method and stating the feasibility of this application. Then,it further illustrates how to create and choose different situations according to the different teaching points and expected purposes.
    On Different Teaching Methods Adapted to Different Textual Patterns
    The Application of Different Teaching Methods in Different English Courses
    The comparison revealed that the three prepositions differ from each other in that they describe different bundles of spatial relations that belong to three spatial categories. Meanwhile they also share spatial features with one another as well as with other neighboring English prepositions such as beside, through and above.
    分析结果表明这三个英语介词分别表示属于三个空间范畴的不同的空间关系,同时它们之间又共享某些空间语义特征,而且这三个词还与其它邻近的介词如beside,through and above等共享一些语义特征。 空间语义对比分析的另一个重要发现是英、汉两种语言在空间范畴化方面既有共性又有差异。
    Pesetsky (1995) claims different theta-grids for the two types of psychverbs: the object with ES psychverb is Target or Subject Matter;
    Pesetsky (1995)认为ES和EO心理动词具有不同的Theta格:ES心理动词的宾语是目标或者主旨;
    Different culturesgive different meanings to humor.
    Some factors may influence readers' reading ability, for example, the selections of reading materials, the reading purposes, the reader factors, the different reading skills.
    Abstract: English and Chinese, respectively belong to different language types.
    英汉两种语言属不同的语言类型。 汉语属于主题突出语言,而英语属于主语突出语言。
    However, due to different emphasis, the three models somewhat differ in aim, value, process, strategy and request for teachers and learners.
    Chapter one introduces the basic ideas of Krashen’s second language acquisition theories, the concept of comprehensible input, the development of input hypothesis and Krashen’s interpretation of input hypothesis and mainly focuses on the three different views on input in the second language acquisition and criticisms on his input hypothesis.
    作者介绍了克拉申的第二语言习得理论、可理解性输入的概念、语言输入理论的形成、内容及克拉申本人对语言输入理论的解释,重点介绍了语言学界对语言输入在第二语言习得中的所起的三种不同的看法以及语言学家们对语言输入理论的评介。 克拉申的第二语言习得理论是一个综合性的理论,包括五个相互联系的理论:习得学得假说;
    And this nationality is created by different modes of thinking.
    Then based on the 200 English advertisements collected, the thesis analyzes the linguistic features for achieving the functions of different steps.
    6. There are different cultures, what's the Chinese students' learning style?
    6. 不同的民族文化存在差异,中国学生的学习风格是什么?
    Different teaching methods lead to different anxiety degrees.
    There are mainly four cultural aspects that influence the uses of animal images in proverbs: different geography and living styles;
    Different scholars have different opinions about the classification of chunks.
    Research on its acquisition difficulty mainly focuses on two aspects: the first one is the functions the head noun serves in the sub-clause, reflected by different RC types, i.e., SU, DO, IO, OPREP, GEN and OCOMP;
    Pragmatics is a newly established discipline emerging in the 70s last century, which studies specific discourse in specific context, or how the language is used and interpreted in different contexts.
    Secondly, by comparing the thematic progression patterns used in 50 English discourses and corresponding 50 Chinese discourses, the transforming rules of different patterns in E-C translation will be concluded.
    然后,论文进行了对比性研究,通过50 篇英文语篇和与其对应的50 篇中文语篇中所使用的主述位推进模式的一一对比,论文总结出了不同的模式在英汉翻译过程中的不同处理方法。


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