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    Spatial Patterns and Dynamic Mechanisms of Urban Land Use Growth
    The Characteristics and Dynamic Mechanisms of Urbanization of Urumqi Region
    Typical Functions and Dynamic Mechanisms of Green Communities
    This paper gets the morden deformation by using the data of GPS technology and analyzes the deformation dynamic mechanisms further more by combining the geology and the physics of geology.
    The second section analyses the changes of town site, historical processes of spatial morphological evolution and dynamic mechanisms.
    This part, which begins with the basic connotation and general characteristics of the Growth Triangle, puts forward the basic connotation of spatial structure of the Growth Triangle, analyzes the influencing factors and dynamic mechanisms of the evolution of the spatial structure of the Growth Triangle emphasizing the function of border and international coordination, and finally, summarizes tentatively the evolution process and basic pattern to expect to consummate the theoretical system and widen practical research field of regional spatial structure.
    然后分析了增长三角空间结构的影响因素及演变的动力机制,其中特别强调了边界与国际协调的作用。 最后尝试性地总结了增长三角空间结构的演变过程与基本模式,以期完善区域空间结构的理论体系,拓宽区域空间结构的实证研究领域。
    As well, the assuring measures of enterprise system's integration which consist of two parts are explained. One part is the dynamic mechanisms of enterprise system's integration; another is the risk management of enterprise system's integration.
    2. A coupling of the intense divergence on upper levels and intense convergence on lower levels as well as intensive ascending motion and the cyclonic vorticity column are the dynamic mechanisms for the heavy rainstorm occurrence.
    The dynamic mechanisms of blocking, including the resonance between wave and forcing, the control effects of thermal forcing on the position and the intensity of the highs and the instabilities of two kinds of equilibrium states, etc. , are studied by controlled experiments.
    Analytic solutions of mid-troposphere and boundary layer of typhoon are obtained by using axis-symmetric dynamic equations, and dynamic mechanisms of the formation and maintenance of typhoon are discussed by utilizing the results.
    To study the inherent mechanism, this paper expounded the four dynamic mechanisms of man -made hazards,i. e. urban complex niche potential, limit theory, strange attractive source and added entropy, and pointed out the significance of these conclusions.
    Through carrying out a systematical review on the research progress of various Western academic schools on spatial patterns and dynamic mechanisms of urban land use growth, this paper highlights that its focus has shifted from summarizing spatial evolutionary models to exploring dynamic mechanisms during the decision making process of land development, from free land market to smart growth management.
    本文通过系统地评析国外不同学术派系对城市土地利用扩展的空间模式、动力机制及管理政策的研究进展 ,指出其研究重点已从归纳空间演替模式深化到探究城市土地开发过程中的决策过程与动力机制 ,从崇尚土地市场的自由运作转向对其进行精明管理。
    Wind-driven circulation and its dynamic mechanisms in the South China Sea(SCS) were simulated using ECOM-si model with 10′×10′ horizontal resolution on 20 vertical sigma levels. The present work mainly focuses on barotropic circulation in winter. The wind stress of the Hellerman-Rosenstein (1983) climatology was adopted to drive the circulation.
    利用ECOM si模式 ,1 0′× 1 0′水平分辨率 ,垂向 2 0个σ层 ,由H/R( 1 983)气候学月平均风应力场和开边界流量驱动 ,模拟了南海风生环流的季节变化 ,并针对南海冬夏季风生正压环流的动力机制进行了数值实验。
    As well, the dynamic mechanisms for two dimensional Rossby wave and low frequency wave energy propagation are explored.
    Einstein contributed his philosophical thoughts, scientific theory, aesthetical mentality and creative behavior to human great course of knowledge progress. Today to take perspective into the dynamic mechanisms and mental value on the formation, impacting causes and dual effects of Einstein's thoughts ,will be significant.
    The existing problems and the development trends of LUCC research are discussed in the aspects of dynamic mechanisms, impacts on the environment, remote sensing technology, the composite application of multi-source data, and numerical experiment, etc.
    Actually the changes in the state and local interrelations should be taken into account in the study of the primary rural society. In this way one could better analyze both the influences of the state regime on the structure of village community, and the dynamic mechanisms of the inner development of the villages, reaching finally a normative interpretation of the basic causes affecting the changing of the rural social structure and the rationality principle concerning the establishment of the contemporary Chinese rural society.
    Based on the idea "sustainable regeneration of city space",by using advanced study progress on this project for reference,the idea evolution processes and practical dynamic mechanisms of city renewing,redeveloping,and regeneration in different countries are discussed. This paper alse brings forward some ideas on reconstruction of city structure and regeneration of city space,the problems facing development of human city environment and improvement measures during the transformation period.
    All these routes should be restrained by four dynamic mechanisms such as agricultural science and technology,agricultural management mechanism,agricultural market mechanism and agricultural information,which possess both "incremental advantage" and "incremental loss".
    Studies on team management have increasingly focused on team behavioral processes and its dynamic mechanisms.


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