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    Issues Needing Attention for Survey and Design of Bridges and Culverts of East Coastal Railway
    Current situation and countermeasures of skills,horizontal bar,parallel bars and support jump teaching in junior middleschools in the east coastal areas of China
    Remote sensing of suspended sediments in China east coastal waters from SeaWiFS data
    运用Sea WiFS遥感数据探测中国东部沿海悬浮泥沙浓度的研究
    Combinating economic and social condition in Jiangxi, the latter sector of this thesis analyzes in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Jiangxi's accepting industrialmovement, then puts forward the concrete measures to respond to industrial movement of developed countries or regions and especially the east coastal developed regions in China.
    East coastal developed cities whose "village in the city" transformations have gone ahead of the rest, have acquired some achievements and experiences.
    Jiangxi is located in the boundary of east coastal and west inland.
    According to the severity of agricultural drought, the area could be divided into four regions, i.e. the northeast coastal plain with light drought, the north plain and east coastal plain with medium drought, the central plain and west plain with heavy drought, and Hei Long Gang area with extreme severe drought.
    根据所建立的指标分析 ,该区可分为不旱、轻旱、中等干旱和重旱 4种年型和 4个不同的区域 ,即东北部沿海平原轻旱区、北部及东部沿海中等干旱区、中部及山前平原严重干旱区和黑龙港特旱区。
    East coastal railway is one of the important "vertical" line of the proposed "eight vertical eight horizontal" railway net of China. It is significantly influenced by natural conditions and bad engineering environment, bringing more difficulties for bridge building.
    东部沿海铁路通道是我国铁路路网规划“八纵八横”的重要一纵 ,受自然条件影响大 ,工程环境恶劣 ,致使桥梁建设技术复杂难度大。
    The CSAMT surveyed in the sedimentary province of sand clay in the east coastal area of Minjing River, the sedimentary province of soft clay of sea sand in the nearby wide and elongated zone, and Luoyuan Bay of the work area detects a low resistivity formation of 1 000~3 000 m. This agrees with the low den-sity field of satellite remote sensing.
    在闽江口扇形洲东部沿海沙泥沉积区、邻区东海宽长带深厚海沙软泥沉积区及本区北部罗源湾 ,用大地电磁CSAMT检测到 10 0 0~ 3 0 0 0m深度范围内的低阻率地层 ,与本区卫星遥感图低密度场相符。
    In order to serve these strategies, the whole China has been divided into 5 big disaster-reduction regions in this paper, which includes the city area, the east coastal area, the central area, the west area and the oceanic area, while the divisional disaster-countermeasures applicable to these areas also have been put forward one by one, respectively.
    基于此 ,文中将中国划分为城市减灾区、东部沿海减灾区、中部减灾区、西部减灾区和海洋减灾区 ,同时还分别提出了与各减灾区特点相适应的分区减灾对策。
    This paper studies the teaching of these items in junior (middle) schools in the east coastal areas in China and puts forth suggestions and countermeasures.
    In the south, the incidence of malaria in east coastal areas were higher than that of other parts, especially in Wuzhi and Yingge mountains.
    南部地区发病主要集中于五指山、鹦哥岭山脉为中心的地区 ,且东部沿海的发病率普遍高于西部沿海。
    In China, eastern civilization, that is east coastal civilization, consists of three culture regions: Yanliao, Haidai and Taihu.
    中国古代东方文明指东部沿海文明 ,包括燕辽文化区海岱文化区和太湖文化区。
    China has abundant wind resources, mainly distributed at northeast, north, northwest and east coastal areas.
    At present, our national prison work is one vast scene of competitive development: the east coastal provinces make full use of their advantages and come first in the development; the west provinces rely on the policy's support and start the development; and the provinces around us have adjusted the reform and speed up the development.
    With of the implementation of development of western regions, in order to reduce the gap between the west and east areas as soon as possible , promote western development, this text take provincial administrative unit as the basic research unit, choose the large province of western agricultural area-Shaanxi and the east coastal developed province -Zhejiang for the two provinces differ greatly as examples, the peasant's income difference situations from 1980 to the 2001 are quantitatively analyzed and compared with the national average.
    Summer temperatures showed dropping trends in most areas of the province,particularly in the east coastal area and southwest Jiangsu,which is in sharp contrast to weakly rising trends in part of the northern Jiangsu.
    Taking the forward position of Chinese reform and opening,the eastern region,as the entry point,and according to the east coastal region's developing policy,the west region's developing policy,the northeast region's regeneration policy and the middle region's rising policy,this paper expounds the present situation of and the existing problems in the economic development of the east region,west region,northeast region and middle region,and based on this,puts forward the strategical selection for the regional development.
    The east coastal areas short of energy and minerals feel more stress from the increase of resource constraints.


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