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    Thus, the study about the performance of the telecommunication industry could reflect the regulation effect better. It also becomes the reference about how to improve the performance of the network industry.
    [Results] To observe that effect of volume of distilled water on synthesis of hemihydrated gypsum is bigger, and the effect better when distilled water: raw materials as 150ml:100g;
    whereas effect of Calcium Chloride and sodium Succinate smaller, and the effect better when Calcium Chloride: dehydrated gypsum as 1:2, sodium Succinate as 0.75%.
    1. According to the map, about fifty proteins were separated, in which five spots which molecular are in the range of 10-90kD and their separation effects better than others were selected to be processed by the technique of MALDI-TOF-MS.
    It suggested that Mn and Ge-132 might play a protective role in liver injury induced by CCl4 with an effect better than VitE .
    ③six months after treatment,IVST,PWT,LVMI Significantly decreased (P<0 01),the effects of ACEI and CaA with β blocker were same (P>0 05),but the effects better than CaA (P<0 05);
    As indicated by experimental results, algorithm of L quick binarization has a treating effect better than those of Otsu algorithm and algorithm of globally dynamic threshold.
    实验结果表明 ,L快速二值化算法的处理效果 ,优于 Otsu算法和全局动态阈值算法 .
    Four different search engines are tested in the practical web environment,and the results show that the algorithm can balance chorus effect and dark horse effect better after fuzzy integral is carried out,and the information merger can be obtained well.
    With a particular look at Woolf's idea of recollection and concentration, the dissertation examines her view of poetic spirit, and of impersonality as the ideal means to effect good writing.
    Its effects better thanSASP(P<0.05) JCL can strengthen the vitality of NK, increase Ic-I, LFN level. Its effects better than SASP(P<0.01).
    According to modern education and psychology principle, Green function method and the teaching of Green function method are researched and the difficulty in the Green function method is found in the article. Considering practical teaching, some ideas are brought forward in order to make teaching effect better.
    If choose waste water in hot rolling to eliminate SO2, it should increase the pH value to make the effect better.
    To make the development effect better, we reduce well spacing to develop the precursor experiment, infill well network appropriately, build effective producing pressure drop.
    It will use OLAP to analyze and process by computers' combination, data mining to analyze decisions and Microsoft Excel 2000 to browse multi-dimensions to make display effects better.
    使用Excel 2000数据透视表动态浏览多维数据集,同时生成立体图表,使显示效果更好。
    1. IntroductionThe technology of the adaptive noise canceller is on signal processing ,which can clear off background noise effect better. When the disturbance source from environment is not available ,its way to transmit is a constant change ,background noise and tested sound wave are similar .
    This paper chief introduce that oracle database system exert effect better by performance and tuning in application practicality, so let user will use the database production more effective.
    Test to choose PCF is coagulant, study result discovery in pH ≥ 8 effect good, and coagulant has a best density , is under this density ,result effect best.
    It is necessary to carry out and review the history of heavy industry's development inthis large area for the sake of putting the policies for vigorously developing heavy industrialbase of the region into effect better and making sentific and reasonable projects of investmentand development,and promoting the faster and better development of the region's economy aswell.
    Through studying the generation process of the modern architecture and the influence that science and technology caused to the building, We can solve those adverse effects better .
    All these factors make the strengthening effect better under lower aging temperature (350℃) treatment.


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