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    The primary characteristic was that the long wave radiative effect of aerosol led the lower layer (50~600m) cooling with 0.13—0.18℃/h at night.
    With different thermal treatment temperatures, the changes of x and y in (Co_xMn(1-x)) (Co_yMn_(1-y))_2O_4 and of the content are found to be equivalent to the effect of impurities, making the radiation band change around 3μm. This effeot and the anharmonicity of polarization vibration can enhance the emissivity in 1 to 15μm.
    This paper analyses the change, effect and stability of precipitation in Hongkong, the heavy rain and its harm, and the heating effect of city that leads to the change in precipitation.
    本文分析了香港降水的变化、降水效应以及降水的稳定性, 从香港降水强度中分析香港暴雨的情况及其危害, 并指出城市热岛效应使香港降水产生变化。
    The essence of value is that the object transfers to the subject,is a positive effect of the object to the subject,mainly an effect of development and perfection of subject.
    价值的本质是客体主体化 ,是客体对主体的积极效应 ,主要是对主体发展完善的效应 ,最根本的是对社会主体发展完善的效应 ,使主体更美好 ,使人类社会更美好 ,使广大人民更美好。
    Result shows that the effect of heat island has made the average difference in temperature of the past 30 years rising to 0.5℃, the average difference in Tmin of one year changing to 0.8~1.0℃.
    结果表明 :城区热岛效应使近 3 0年城乡年平均气温差值升高到 0 .5℃ ,年平均最低气温差值升高到 0 .8~ 1.0℃ ;
    Due to the compatible effect of stress-induced transformation toughening and crack bridging, ZrO2 (3Y)/Fe3Al composites have more obvious R - curve behavior than monolith ZrO2( 3Y).
    f的增大使相变增韧效应增高。 Fe3Al的桥联效应及相变增韧效应使ZrO2(3Y)/Fe3Al复合材料具有较单相ZrO2(3Y)更明显的R阻力行为。
    During the summer polar daylight, the ionized effect of the solar EUV radiation makes the ionospheric electron density much larger and the peak time of the diurnal variation of f oF 2 1-2 hr earlier than that in winter.
    夏季极昼时 ,太阳EUV辐射的电离效应使电离层电离密度比冬季值大许多 ,而且 ,日变化的最大值时间也提前了 1~ 2h .
    The former involves the enhanced Tb~(3+) green emission at the cost of Gd~(3+) UV emission while the latter was associated with the self-sensitizing effect of Tb~(3+) under the certain Tb~(3+) concentration range which contributes to the enhanced Tb~(3+) green emission and the weakened Tb~(3+) blue emssion.
    前者表现在Gd3+紫外发射光的减弱及 Tb3+ 绿发射光的增强,后者则显示Tb3+在一定浓度范围内所特有的自敏化效应,使其蓝发射光减弱、绿发射光增强。
    Effect of the first normal stress difference increases under dynamic load.
    The induction market pattern of Chinese government has fully displayed the effect of existing resources in China,caused China successfully to realize system transition from the planned economy to market economy.
    Before using the (SiC)p, there still exists lots of key technology problems to overcome. For example, small scale effect of the (SiC)p ,which leads to incidental assemblement within certain scale, absorbing other substance or micro-particles, which brings some excellent functions to lose.
    We have more interest in benzofuroxans with amino and nitro substituents because the effect of pushing electron of amino group increases the bond energy of C-NO2 ,and there are strong intramolecular and intermolecular hydrogen bonds between amino and nitro group. These hydrogen contacts can make the molecular structure more stability .
    Firstly, by using differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), we analyzed the effect of the type and content of initiators on exotherm (ΔH) of the resin cure reaction, found that moderate content and ratio of the initiators system can cause the moderate cure temperature, increase of exotherm (ΔH) and the final degree of cure result from the cooperation effect of the two kinds of initiators.
    Based on the effect of quantum coherence and interference, the dispersion-absorption relations can be rapidly modified by the application of a strong coherent field. The resonant absorption was eliminated and the dispersive properties of the medium can be enhanced.
    The results showed that, for the aerosol radiative effect of smoke layer in Lanzhou in clear sky, their influences were similar, with which the aerosol radiative effect could be well reflected in the WRFABL model, i. e. the simulations of the wind and temperature fields were more reasonable compared with the observations.
    Underwater acoustic communications are made difficult by the effect of multipath propagation. The fading which was caused by multipath propagation was one of the main factors influencing the performance of underwater acoustic communication systems.
    It is a stern question how to eliminate the negative effect of traditional technology innovation, and urge technology innovation to pursue ecology benefit, the social efficiency, human's survival and developing benefit as it pursues economical efficiency.
    With this technique the storage effect of impurity can be avoided and a sharp profile of the carrier concentration for the multilayer structure has been obtained.
    The friction effect of counterfort results in a remarkable decrease of the horizontal earth pressure on the wall slab. Meanwhile, the vertical earth pressure on the bottom slab is also less than the overburden pressure.
    The wavelength of the fluorescent peaks of these samples is longer and their linewidth is wider than that of Alexandrite and many other ohromium-doped tunable laser materials. The crystal field of the Cr~(3+) ions is weaken by polarization effect of the high valent-cations, so the wavelength of the ~4T_2-~4A_2 vibronic transition is moved to the infrared side.


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